Your guide to Portland, OR

This city is my second favorite after Seattle, but if I lived in Oregon, it would be my absolute favorite. There are so many things to do here, plan ahead though so you don’t waste your precious vacation/getaway time researching what to do. I have been here a couple times but I still find new things to do each time.


Food tour:
Forktown Food tours
My fiancé loves food tours, he introduced me to them and I have loved them since then. If you are not picky about what you eat, (if vegan or have allergies, they do reserve special food for you if you let them know when you purchase the tour) save your appetite and get ready to have fun!, not only do you get to eat from a bunch of different places, you also get a locals perspective on the city and what to do. Usually the best food places tend to be “hole in the wall” places we are not aware of as visitors, but in a food tour, you get to know whats what. Some tours incorporate historic walks, where you learn about the history of the city/certain streets. I promise you’ll love food tours if you take the leap and do it.

Places to stay:
Ace hotel – Everyone we talked to from portland had good things to say about this place
River place – next to the river, the staff are amazing, rooms are very spacious and comfortable and the price is reasonable. They also have a good restaurant that you can eat at too.
Hotel monaco – I stayed here on my first visit to Portland and I did love it. Amazing staff, good food at their restaurant and very comfortable.

There are more hotels but I recommended those I have actually experienced, all 3 are in the city too and you can walk everywhere.

Japanese garden – Closed this winter for construction but it is worth a visit during spring or summer

International rose test garden – Beautiful during spring or summer, with blossoming roses everywhere, but its more like a park in winter


Places to eat: Endless possibilities and all so good
Here are a few we’ve been to
1. Bijou cafe – it is near VooDoo doughnuts (a popular donut shop in portland that you may want to visit – just to say you were there, honestly I think its overrated)
Ok, Bijou cafe was really good, unique brunch menu and very good service despite how busy it was

2. Stumptown coffee

3. Food trucks – Very unique food trucks, we ate from Kargi gogo, a Georgian food truck and it was awesome

4.Pearl district for fancy restaurants, they are on every corner


5. Cacao for some amazing chocolate, they also have European drinking chocolate which was the BOMB!


Multomah falls: 1 mile hike to the top. Wear hiking shoes/boots and comfortable clothes if you would like to hike all the way to the top, You can still enjoy the view from the bottom, nothing much to see from the top, but it is fun to hike 😉


Rocky butte – hike

Colombia river gorge – Kayaking all year round, wineries around the area, also just hiking around the river


I hope this post was helpful, I feel like I didn’t even touch on the amazingness that Portland is, but hey at least you have an idea of what to get into.
Have fun in your travels and thanks for stopping by!

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