To love & be loved is why we exist

Times square NYC
This year, besides spending time with my awesome husband, I have spent so much time alone it’s insane. Most of that time I have spent listening to some type of podcast while driving somewhere, so maybe we can call this year the year of podcasts or the listening year (get the pun? ha!). I am a super introvert so spending time solo is nothing new, but this year has been a little extra. I didn’t realize it until I looked back and realized that it is almost fall. Living in the midwest has been a blessing and a curse. The blessing: It is mostly sunny and I am outdoors almost daily, unless am at work. The curse: It is freaking hard to make meaningful friendships here for me. I have met so many amazing people but none have turned out to be meaningful friendships and that has made me a little sad.
I like to have at least one friend at my current location who isn’t on my social media, so I can feel a normal connection with someone, without all the fakeness social media adds to friendships.
I am part to blame because I work and have school work and my week basically just disappears super quick, but being alone is starting to eat me up slowly.
I am starting to look forward to the days I work so I can catch up with my co-workers, which is sad seriously.

Better news:
I am obsessed with the show Insecure on HBO and I urge you all to try it.

I am looking forward to going to Chicago with Ian to see Hamilton and hang out and eat amazing food in the windy city

I am enjoying the summer break after summer classes (I made it on the deans list btw, not bragging..), and I am trying to make the most out of it.

I hit a big milestone last month, which was being a neuro-trauma nurse for a year y’all – phew, it’s been a trip!

Thank you for stopping by to see what I’ve been up to lately 🙂