Time is going to fast

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Hey gorgeous people, I have been MIA on here for a while. I honestly didn’t have anything that needed to be said, so I decided not to post for the sake of posting. School and preceptorship (like an internship for student nurses) consumed all my time and thoughts. I got the chance to precept in a critical care unit and it was beyond amazing for me. I worked with some of the best nurses and got to gain so much experience in critical care in the past month. I feel like i had a new set of eyes open up inside of me haha….FYI, this post is heavily on nurse/career stuff so if not interested in this stuff, feel free to exit soon before the snooze fest begins.
During this past month, I have also been pseudo-planning for the up-coming wedding and applying for jobs in a different state, which i am moving to soon. I have also been studying like crazy for my up-coming boards and I feel like i don’t know anything still (sigh!)
I also have been offered my dream job to work in the ICU (a neuro/trauma ICU) in a level 1 trauma and stroke center. I am beyond excited and thankful for having this opportunity, even though I am super intimidated and anxious about working in the ICU.
I will however be one among several other new nurse graduates, in a residency program that lasts a year, so that alleviates some of my anxiety.
All in all, am looking forward to graduating, passing my boards, moving and starting my new job!!! 🙂

I hope you have all been well, feel free to share any new things in your life with me (that you are comfortable sharing, of course)
I have missed being on here 🙂

Outfit details: Pants-H&M//Shirt-thrifted//Heels-Target//purse-gifted (vintage coach)//Necklace-Rue21

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  1. Hi Jackie,

    I see you have some great plans on your way! I wish you all the best on your dream job and I totally love your outfit as well. Beautiful!


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