Thinking is difficult, that’s why people judge.

Some of my close friends make fun of me for using the phrase “am not judging anyone, but..” I have literally used this phrase to death, and in most cases if my thoughts start this way, I just seal my lips and think more of the situation before putting my opinions out there.
I read an article this morning about how christianity is almost a dying art in the modern world we live in. This article attracted me because I do fall under “christian”, and have battled so hard with certain doctrines in certain churches..which led me to staying away from churches for a while until I found something fitting.
I struggle with how christians discriminate “passive aggressively” against people they don’t approve preach that God is the only judge but turn around and judge people openly.Having being raised in a very small conservative Kenyan church, I disagreed with almost everything I saw in other churches I went to, and as I grew older and more knowledgeable on certain things, I realized how certain things I was taught, as I grew up in this small community church, were more cultural than “christian”
Having read the entire bible and analyzed almost every little verse, in half of grade school and most of high school, I became confused and conflicted by interpretations offered to me as I grew up.
Christians today live a life opposite of what their founder lived. They openly discriminate against gays and are anti abortion (without differentiating between a mother’s life in danger or a person knowingly getting rid of a fetus for the sake of it), when Jesus never mentioned demonizing these people. Jesus himself was more of a radical who challenged the christian establishment, and paid more attention to the sick and the poor, and unfortunately today christianity is a large establishment all over the world, focusing on being rich and famous.
People are focusing more on how the outside looks, thus the anti-poor, anti-gays, anti-arbortion, anti-immigrants, anti-intellectuals and anti-science. That is not what their founder was about.
Instead of people sitting and pointing fingers, wouldn’t it be great if we paid less attention to the problematic systems of beliefs and lived a more generous and loving life, with more thinking and understanding, and also showing compassion to those around us? This would be in support of the founder of christianity and move away from the religious bureaucracy.
We also have to pay attention to the fact that religion is ever changing to accommodate the world we live in, because the world is ever changing. Remember when christianity was racist, burned people believed to be witches, discriminated against the poor?..long gone are those days because the world is ever changing and religion changes with it. People get comfortable when things are going good for them, but it is not about you anymore if you decide you’re a christian, it is about those around us too. We ought to raise children teaching them to be compassionate, loving, generous and accommodating of others, not discriminating against certain groups of people, because that does not match with the same scriptures you will turn around to teach them.
I long for the day people who call themselves christians, move away from seeing themselves as a system of beliefs to expressing their faith through love and compassion. Religious services should not be about showing off how virtuous, anointed and holy, one is, while pointing fingers to those that don’t meet these standards, but about tackling the human needs around us. This would be a better world to live in if this happened, just like Jesus did.

Lastly a direct quote from the article, “people have seen ritual as an obsession for the religious community, and they haven’t seen the courage and commitment to shaping a more just and compassionate world”

article: What religion would Jesus belong to?, by Nicholas Kristof on the NY Times

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  1. What a great post! Your right. Believing in God sgould be demonstrated by what you do and not where you are on Sunday morning. Attending church does not give you rights of judgement against others. Loved the article. Thanks

  2. Beautiful post! And I find it so important to let it all come out and make people see how stupid it is to judge – as you mentioned it’s so easy to judge and much harder to think and go deeper. People are easily afraid of to go any deeper, unfortunately. it is time to make changes.

  3. I do think that people often use a particular interpretation as an excuse for judgment. I think it makes people feel left out more than it actually helps the cause.

  4. Well said, at the forefront of religion is peace and unfortunately many use their religion to state that certain types of people are not allowed to exist which is wrong!

  5. It’s easy to judge, that’s why people do it. I don’t care what people think of me, because people don’t think. I have my own standards and I know what’s right and what’s wrong.

  6. That’s true, I would have to agree. We judge people because it’s so much easier than trying to understand their side of the story. Perhaps if we opened our minds more, we would allow ourselves to accept and learn new things from others instead of forcing them to follow what we’re used to.

  7. truly you made alot of sense in this post and just by the post title, you clearly said it all in few words. thinking through becomes difficult that people actually judge and make those decisions wrongly. thanks for this.

  8. What a difficult subject to write about. Religion is hard and staying true to your beliefs is even harder. Love and peace are the most powerful beliefs us humans can believe in and cherish. If we love each other fully then we are the true embodiment of Jesus and our faith.

  9. can I hug you for being this outspoken and brave about the suject matter? All kinds of emotions came up while I was reading your blog post, reminding me of my brief connection with Christianity, and how I got back out of there, and back to my Pagan roots. I hear you loud and clear, and hope that one day the what is still the majority religion here in the US, will wake up, and understand how much more beautiful this country, this world would be, if we would just stop judging in the name of religion. But this is not just rampant in Christianity, I stay away from Wicca (a pagan religion), because they are judgemental too. As one of those people who would have been burned for her believe, I bow to you in respect.



  10. I love everything about this post. I used to attend church every Sunday and now I haven’t regularly attended one in about 3-4 years. I do not go for these very reasons. I too wish people just didn’t suck as much.


  11. religion is a never ending discussion. All groups stand for a meaning but the power makes the people who run a group makes it crazy. No one should be left out, no matter what.

  12. System of beliefs as you stated and as I personally see it in our modern life now, is formed to satisfy some people interest and purposes which is completely different than personal and individual belief. Individual belief is completely revolves between each individual and God alone and this will produce positive outcomes toward ourselves and others.

  13. Great post. I agree with most of your post. Actually like 98%of it 🤗😆. I think that we are all looking for a reason for our lives and no matter what we think it is, we are not even close. I like the way you think, I’ll be following your blog for more insight😆💯👌

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