Things to do near fort Leonard wood


It’s almost been a year here at Fort Leonard Wood and even though I am no expert in “army life” stuff, I would like to write about what you can expect here and maybe that will be beneficial to military spouse/family member somewhere.
I have been more involved with army life since this is a small army town and plugging in helps social wise.

Fort Leonard wood is one of the biggest military bases, so there is a very large community of families, single people, fitness groups, mommy meet-ups for play dates, small business owner meet-ups, churches and volunteer events, hobby classes etc. Here are some groups to get plugged into FLW: Army wives, fitness/social groups , Events and happenings , FLW wives (2) . I am sure there are many others for specific groups, but that is a great way to get to know people and go to events.

Attractions near FLW:

In St. Roberts and Waynesville, MO:
1. Restaurants I like: Mama mia (greek food), Luna java coffee (great coffee and breakfast) , Cafe Korea, mizeki Japanese sushi bar with a hibachi grill, Mexican restaurants in st. Roberts, Thai food and a burger place/bar (hoppers) in downtown Waynesville​, Thai truck near FLW gate and a wine bar downtown Waynesville​. Those are my favorite so far, they are some others I haven’t tried yet.

2 Park in downtown Waynesville​ is a good place to go fish, run, walk and they hold a farmers market there during spring, summer and fall. There are two other parks in st. Roberts​ that I haven’t been to yet, and there are some awesome hiking spots on base, with clear directions on how to get to them.

Places you have to drive 45 mins to an hour+ to:
1. Missouri botanical gardens, the zoo, comedy shows, concerts, restaurants, shopping and many more in St. Louis
2. Saint James wineries and restaurants (Sybill’s is really good)
3. Rolla – Fugitive beach (open in summer)
4. Meramec springs in saint James
5. Elephant rocks hike
6. Dogwood canyon – hike, bike rides, restaurant
7. Springfield restaurants – This little town has an abundant amount of eating places, from expensive and fancy dinners to little sandwich shops, can’t go wrong here
8. Hahatonka state park – very huge and hard to finish in a day
9. The shut-ins​
10. Meramec caves
11. Branson – for shows, water activities, adventure-type activities, shopping and restaurants.

These are a few of what I have done so far. I work a lot, and I am taking classes full time also, so haven’t had as much time in my hands to explore. I hope you enjoy your time here in FLW.