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A wintry spring

So I decided to go hike the olympic national park area last week post finals, and I ended up on beautiful lake crescent. The area is so breathtakingly beautiful and serene, I just wanted to stay there and never leave..
The lake has a lodge with cabins for rental, which is open in the warmer months, and is a perfect getaway from the busy urban life, so if you’re near Washington state, do it! you’ll love it! Lots of hiking spots too and kayaking on the lake.
I also learnt that this lake is the deepest in Washington, thus its deep sapphire blue color (also due to lack of nitrogen and algae).
On one side of the lake were residential homes, right on the water, can you imagine waking up to this beautiful view everyday..
It wasn’t a difficult hike, so yes I was wearing a dress haha
It was mostly relaxing and refreshing to be able to go on an outdoor adventure.
outfit details:
Dress – Buffalo exchange ballard
Shoes – Nike
Tights – H&M
Jacket – REI

What are your favorite places to visit?, I would love to know! comment below!
Thanks for stopping by guys

The brave

In today’s world, nobody bats an eye when a male talks about adventuring/traveling alone, because we have set this as a norm, “males can do whatever they want” type of thing. However, in my mind and this is supported by real statistics, males are as much in danger adventuring/traveling alone as are women. When I moved to Washington state, the most attractive thing to me was the endless beauty in the wilderness. God truly did love this side of the world….I quickly became addicted to being outdoors, and I enjoyed hiking immensely. It is my way of distressing and recharging after stressful work weeks or school days. A few times I do hike with other people, but I love going solo because of the freedom to hike more difficult trails and just take it all in without being bothered. I never for one second felt threatened by anything/anyone on the trails, I meet a lot of fellow young lady hikers on the trails, hiking solo too and this encourages me even more.
Tips on hiking/camping/traveling/adventuring solo:

1. Know your environment well. This means doing a lot of research on the conditions of the place you are visiting, and also reading reviews about people’s experiences there. I feel very safe on Washington trails because the areas are overall very safe and far from urban places, meaning less chances for crimes. You are more likely to be in danger in a city full of people than in a Washington state trail in my opinion. I do not hike urban parks because homeless people go there for shelter, I prefer out and back trails that require driving far away from the city to get to.

2. Plan accordingly. Safety first. Have a first aid kit customized for yourself (if you have allergies, bring allergy medicine. Have pain medicine, antiseptic, bandages, small rope/tourniquet for emergency purposes, pepper spray or bear spray if in bear country, pocket knife – could be used for so many things including protecting yourself and a whistle too). Have extra food, extra clothing and most important dress for the weather.

3. Last tip, let someone know where you are. I always send a quick text to someone about where I am going to be and the time I expect to be back. If they don’t hear back from me at that time, then they would act accordingly.

I hope this makes you feel more at ease about going solo in whichever place you choose to. Just do your research well and be prepared. I met someone who loves camping solo and she always has a gun with her for safety, if you love adventure, don’t let anything stop you. Just be smart about things.

If you hate being alone and don’t care for solo adventuring, then find someone like minded and in somewhat same physical fitness(I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, if your partner can’t do what you can, then you don’t get to do what you want. Some people are also endless complainers and won’t stop whining – I have seen this a lot while hiking and it is so annoying) Any how, I hope this was somewhat of an encouragement to those seeking adventure, have fun and thanks for stopping by.

Your guide to Portland, OR

This city is my second favorite after Seattle, but if I lived in Oregon, it would be my absolute favorite. There are so many things to do here, plan ahead though so you don’t waste your precious vacation/getaway time researching what to do. I have been here a couple times but I still find new things to do each time.


Food tour:
Forktown Food tours
My fiancé loves food tours, he introduced me to them and I have loved them since then. If you are not picky about what you eat, (if vegan or have allergies, they do reserve special food for you if you let them know when you purchase the tour) save your appetite and get ready to have fun!, not only do you get to eat from a bunch of different places, you also get a locals perspective on the city and what to do. Usually the best food places tend to be “hole in the wall” places we are not aware of as visitors, but in a food tour, you get to know whats what. Some tours incorporate historic walks, where you learn about the history of the city/certain streets. I promise you’ll love food tours if you take the leap and do it.

Places to stay:
Ace hotel – Everyone we talked to from portland had good things to say about this place
River place – next to the river, the staff are amazing, rooms are very spacious and comfortable and the price is reasonable. They also have a good restaurant that you can eat at too.
Hotel monaco – I stayed here on my first visit to Portland and I did love it. Amazing staff, good food at their restaurant and very comfortable.

There are more hotels but I recommended those I have actually experienced, all 3 are in the city too and you can walk everywhere.

Japanese garden – Closed this winter for construction but it is worth a visit during spring or summer

International rose test garden – Beautiful during spring or summer, with blossoming roses everywhere, but its more like a park in winter


Places to eat: Endless possibilities and all so good
Here are a few we’ve been to
1. Bijou cafe – it is near VooDoo doughnuts (a popular donut shop in portland that you may want to visit – just to say you were there, honestly I think its overrated)
Ok, Bijou cafe was really good, unique brunch menu and very good service despite how busy it was

2. Stumptown coffee

3. Food trucks – Very unique food trucks, we ate from Kargi gogo, a Georgian food truck and it was awesome

4.Pearl district for fancy restaurants, they are on every corner


5. Cacao for some amazing chocolate, they also have European drinking chocolate which was the BOMB!


Multomah falls: 1 mile hike to the top. Wear hiking shoes/boots and comfortable clothes if you would like to hike all the way to the top, You can still enjoy the view from the bottom, nothing much to see from the top, but it is fun to hike 😉


Rocky butte – hike

Colombia river gorge – Kayaking all year round, wineries around the area, also just hiking around the river


I hope this post was helpful, I feel like I didn’t even touch on the amazingness that Portland is, but hey at least you have an idea of what to get into.
Have fun in your travels and thanks for stopping by!

Catching up

Hi there lovely ladies and gentlemen
My days have been rather monotonous consisting of large piles of school work and long days at work, leaving me wishing it was summer again, where I had so much time in my hands. Can you believe class got cancelled because of wind?, yes you read that right, apparently that is a very unsafe condition that demands cancellation of classes(am sure in certain areas of the world, strong winds are extremely dangerous, but yeah..no it wasn’t that bad) of course I was happy I didn’t have class but seriously?, I don’t see it as a good enough reason to cancel class, because that just means more work for me (online assignments) when I could have just sat in class pretending to listen to lecture. I hope my instructor doesn’t read my blog haha, she is a lovely woman but sometimes I think she enjoys leaving class early more than the students do.


HM – shirt
pants – Forever 21
Hat – Forever 21
Brogues – Amazon
Do you like my outfit?, I have never owned a wide brim wool hat, so I branched out style wise and I love it, more because I didn’t have to do my hair, even though it almost got blown off by the wind while I was out haha
I was thinking the other day how calculated I am about style branching, I spend a lot of months contemplating before i do something dramatic like owning a hat haha, I wanted this hat since January, and now is when I finally got it. I am definitely not an impulse shopper, I think of how and when I will wear whatever I got (unless I am gifted something). I know I don’t sound fun to go shopping with, but i promise I will try on everything in the store, I just end up leaving empty handed in most cases. You may not know this from looking at my blog posts but thats me in real life haha. I actually never used to be this way, I was a shopaholic when in high school thanks to my mom who lead the example haha, but when I started living solo, I just didn’t see the need to clutter my apartment with clothes, I hate having tons of clothes everywhere (biggest pet peeve)
Are you guys planning for thanksgiving already?, I am thinking of making a meal for a small number of people, I can’t wait for days when I have my own big family that I can cook for on thanksgiving…gah!, am excited already
I might share some recipes am planning on trying this thanksgiving, be on the lookout

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely rest of the week!

So let it fall wherever it may…

I am here sitting in my living room attempting to study for my dosage quiz, with the fireplace warming the place up and a pumpkin spice candle burning, filling my little apartment with the aroma of pumpkin spice….
Am also wrapped in a huge cozy blanket, nibbling on some homemade banana and oatmeal cookies, my favorite music is also playing in the background………yes you guessed it, life is perfect for me at the moment. I love moments like this when I am just enjoying the present, just me and my perfect little apartment. There are so many times I get depressed over missing my family and my life back in Kenya where I was surrounded with people who knew me most of my life, people who cared for me (even though they didn’t think of it that way)………and it brings me down because I keep wishing for these things again. My current life consists of MEETING friends but not really KEEPING most of them, because am either too busy working towards my future(and so are most people my age – either in school a lot or starting new careers and no time for a social life), and friends feel like extra work because people have responsibilities and hanging out has to be planned days in advance (I miss the good old days of texting my buddies to hang out without notice or go on adventures together without planning days in advance..sigh), my co-workers are probably the closest I have to real friends and that makes me sad at times, and thats when I start to live in the past…missing my old life. I understand the circle of life though, at certain stages in life, things shift and life is not always what we thought it would be when we were younger.
Sometimes I try to wrap my little human mind around how wonderful life is or can be if we let it be, we don’t others or need things that others have to make as happy, we only need to take advantage of what we have to make us happy. As the weather gets cooler, all I want is to snuggle up inside all day and read a good book(in my case a nursing textbook ha) or watch back to back episodes of the Mindy project! (don’t pretend you don’t watch too much t.v)
Besides wanting to stay indoors all day every day, I also enjoy hiking in foggy chilly weather and of course photography. It is a good outlet from the normal work days and schools weeks…even though I do enjoy work and school (which you wouldn’t care to hear about haha), it is nice to do the complete opposite as a way to unwind and explore your creativity. I also do have some favorite humans I enjoy doing things with (that is if they are not working insane hours that leave me wondering how they survive…)
Reading through my post, I realize that I may have been way too honest with you all (some of you I’ll be seeing on a daily basis so don’t judge me please haha), am happy to share my thoughts and am certain you can relate to some of this content as well.
I photographed everything in this post with my iPhone, and I am very impressed with how good the iPhone camera is. Am taking advantage of weather changes to grow my photography skills, isn’t this place beautiful? Btw, if you can’t tell yet, I love natural settings more than urban settings, there is something very attractive about un-touched wild growth compared to nice architecture (unless its historic…then thats another story..)

Classic plaid

So because it’s fall, I had to pull out my plaid shirt and do that classic white T-shirt and plaid shirt look. I felt so midwest, so I decided to pair the look with my chelsea boots which made the look more northwest?…ok now am just making up stuff haha
Its the perfect layering for fall because you don’t need a coat over it, and you look like a classic fashionable babe, and who doesn’t want that? In the great PNW I see a lot of people hiking in this kind of outfit, even though I would not go hiking looking this (I value comfort way too much to hike in jeans) I secretly love seeing these fashionable hikers. For me, this is more a casual look for school, hanging out with a friend or running errands.
Plaid shirt – Target (little boys section…sshh..)
Chelsea boots – Marshalls
Wooden watch – Ian’s mom 🙂
Denim pants – H&M


Lastly, I have been reading/listening to audio books and thought it would be nice to share my current faves:
1. Mindy Kaling’s : why not me – If you love comedy this is funny especially if you’re female, guys may not relate to much in here.
2. The girl in the spider’s web – Awesome content, very well written plot, I was engaged from start to finish. If you are a Stieg Larson’s fan, this book was written by a different author since Larson passed away but the new writer doesn’t disappoint. This book is the 4th of a series, so if you haven’t read the rest you may want to start with The girl with a dragon tattoo.
3. Lastly The Fold by Peter Clines is my favorite of the three. It is a science fiction book with a mind blowing plot, so unpredictable and full of suspense, I really enjoyed this one. I will definitely read this again.



Today was magical…being free of work/life responsibilities and getting lost in the woods, away from electronics..the best way to unwind. I drove up to olympic national forest today and hiked the lena lakes trail in the afternoon. The ride up was so gorgeous, driving up these winding roads on the side of the mountains with the ocean on the opposite side..so beautiful. The hike is moderate and if you plan on hiking up to upper lena lake, it is difficult, so have some good shoes and a jacket with a hoodie lol(which I didn’t have with me – got rained on for a little while)
Some trees are starting to change color too, and the fall vibe just warms up my little heart 🙂
Have a lovely rest of the week everyone


Jogger’s toe

Nike women
If you read my blog or know me on a personal level, you know that I have been running much more than I usually do because I am training for a half-marathon. I like to train for a race every summer, but this will be my first run that is further than a 10k.
Things I have learnt about running that I didn’t really incorporate into practice before and still struggling to do now:

1. Stretching before & after a run for at least 6-10 mins. Favorite stretches are lunges (super low), yoga poses like: cobra pose, pyramid pose and standing head to toe pose (with lifted leg placed on a higher surface, instead of balancing). This will prevent injuries, short-term and long-term

2. Music is a great motivator while running, chose music with a fast beat and get comfortable ear/head phones. However music isn’t for everyone so if you can’t run with music don’t force yourself to

3. Go at your own pace, its ok to compete with other joggers but don’t be frustrated when you feel like you’re running slow

4. Wear comfortable shoes, not tight but fit well. Tighten shoe laces to prevent your toes from banging the front of your shoe – from experience, when your toes slide back and forth a lot, they get a hematoma (most likely the longest toe) under the skin and turn black. This is not reversible, so your toe nail will end up falling off! yikes! I know…so gross, I have 2 toe nails that got a hematoma (bruise) – you can go to a running store where they fit your feet with the right shoes based on your arch and how you run

5. Rest on rest day, and if your body is exhausted, take a rest. It is important to push hard and beat PR’s but if your body is hurting, listen to it and get some rest

6.Do core workouts!!!! – I’ll be honest I haven’t been doing this at all but it is so important. A strong core supports your back and helps you hold a good posture, so running doesn’t hurt as much especially for long distance runners.
7.Keep a good record of your runs. Some people say that it doesn’t matter because your body doesn’t forget the workout, but being/staying a good runner is 70% or more in your head. Your body may be healthy and capable of anything but if you aren’t willing to do it..it won’t happen. Your records motivate you, you get fired up and you want to beat your highest records every time you go out on a run

8. Eat a good amount of protein and carbohydrates, hydrate well, but try not to eat anything for at least 3 hours before your run (fasted runs are my favorite, running right after waking up, but my schedule doesn’t always allow it)
Eating too close to your runs may give you stitches, cause you to get nauseated or even throw up, and its just so uncomfortable to run with a full stomach)

9. Running outdoors guarantees a more enjoyable run and you’re likely to run further than running on the treadmill

10. Last but not least, partners are great or even joining a big group of runners who run frequently, but it is not for everyone. Sometimes our partners may slow us down or discourage us because their pace is faster, so if you’re lucky enough to find a compatible partner, motivate each other and don’t loose them!!

If you’re out there afraid of getting into running, start small and make it a habit and remember its all in your head, your body can do anything(unless you have medical restrictions) if your mind is set to do it.

Distressed denim outfit

forever 21
Hello friends, did you guys have a great weekend?, whether just unwinding at home or doing some fun activities?
The outfit am posting was my favorite this weekend, I wore the comfiest American Eagle distressed jeans and my black and white peplum top from forever 21. I am not big into jeans so I had never honestly bought anything from AE, and the first pair I happened to get are like a dream. I usually wear leggings mostly and this pants feel like leggings honestly, so comfy.
brogues and denim
stripes and denim
Black and white peplum top: f21//Distressed denim pants: American Eagle//Shoes: Brogues from Amazon//Gold watch: Target//Earrings and necklace: F21
This weekend my fiancé and I got to go see Pippin the play and Oh brother! it was amazing. The broadway actors and actresses on the play are so talented and the plot was amazing, I was hooked from start to finish (just so you know the last play I saw…I fell asleep….am not naming names haha). So if you guys like plays or are looking for something fun to do, Pippin is highly recommended.
distressed jeans
natural hair
Have a lovely Monday ladies and gents, and thanks for stopping by.

Where’d you go..

OK….my post title is inspired by what I am currently reading; where’d you go Bernadette by Maria Semple, pretty good book and the story is about a Seattle family which is a plus, I love reading books based where I currently live. So my outfit is super simple with a splash of color/spring feel, very comfortable and can be worn both at daytime to run errands or at night for a drink or casual party if you wear some heels and add a cute statement necklace. I thought it was funny at first when I found this floral blazer because I wouldn’t have purchased it if not for having seen someone wearing it that day, so when I saw it….I was like..hell yeah, I could totally rock this!
h&m jeans_Fotor_Collagefloral blazer target
Outfit details:
Blazer & Pants – H&M
Shoes – Breckless brogues on amazon
hm - blazer
Totally out of the blue, but when I was writing this post an ad came on T.V about “female inc.” some sort of female empowerment program that inspires females to be bold and proud of who they are, showcase their talents, try out their abilities without fear etc.. and I thought of how scared I was at first to publicize my blog..I honestly was very against it because I was scared, when taking outfit pics outdoors I felt kind of silly and vain even…like seriously, I am not like the best dressed female in town, am horrible at doing my own make-up/hair….but seeing how other bloggers owned their personal taste and put themselves out there(despite the mean comments from some people), my insecurities fell, I got inspired to share and get to have a creative outlet I enjoy. If you don’t feel like a rockstar and frequently compare yourself to others, let that fall behind and chose to be bolder, confident in your own way. “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of ordinary”Cicel Beaton
floral blazer
Shop Amazon Fashion: Style Crush