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ripped denim
fall shoes

This weekend, I am off a long stretch of work days and all I want is to relax and recover from the physical drain that nursing comes with. I have been enjoying reading blogs and seeing what people have been up to, since I can’t catch up when I am working.
I got a few snaps of what I am wearing in downtown Springfield, MO. Springfield is a small midwestern town with a lot of beauty hidden in it. I stumble upon beautiful gardens and houses while driving from work or going grocery shopping and I am amazed by the number of coffee shops in this little town. Good ones too. There isn’t a lot of diversity here so I feel like I get a lot of stares (which I don’t care for) in places, and conversation starters are always like,”are you from Springfield?” I don’t know what to make of these interactions yet, but I love the town aesthetic so far. Lots of colorful and cute cupcake shops everywhere.
Oh, and I learned a beautiful mess sisters are from Springfield, how cool. I am yet to visit Emma’s restaurant : the golden girl rum club, if I do I will let you know how that went.

Details of my outfit:
Jeans – American eagle
Top/Necklace – Forever 21
Booties – Aldo

How to look classy without hurting your wallet

jump suits
Be thrifty and shop the sales.

This is my only advice because it has worked wonders for me. I have noticed some of my cheapest clothing is what I look most classy in, and some of my most expensive items I don’t even wear that much and barely feel that stylish in. I am not saying it’s 100% not worth buying expensive name brand items, but when you score some “hot & classy” items on the sale rack, it does make you feel a certain way haha.

I scored this jumpsuit at Ross for 10 bucks! (not even joking), when I needed a last minute classy piece of clothing to wear to Ian’s residency graduation. The occasion was semi-formal dinner and I wanted to feel very elegant in whatever I was wearing. My first time ever attending a semi-formal grown up dinner event, I wore a dress that literally made me feel like a potato haha, and I never wanted to have that feeling again!

My favorite thrifty finds (designer labels on sale) stores are Marshalls and Ross. Ross can be a little overwhelming sometimes if it is a disorganized store, but I have found some treasures here.

Outfit details:

Shoes – Nordstrom
Jumpsuit – Ross
Purse – Forever 21
Earrings – charlotte russe

The art of wearing crop tops

high waisted jeans and crop tops
Casual look of the week – crop tops

I don’t wear crop tops as much as I would love, but the two that I own, I absolutely love them. Crop tops back in the 90’s were almost a taboo because most people were more conservative and didn’t want skin showing, (at least where I lived at the time) so my parents absolutely forbid me from wearing them, but I secretly admired the style when I spotted models on magazines or TV wearing them.

Fast forward, they’re back now and better than ever. This is one of my two crop tops, it’s more casual and I mostly wear it with high waisted jeans (the classic way to wear crop tops). As a short girl though (5’1), I feel like the look doesn’t pop as much as it does in a taller girl, but I’m still in the search for some nice high waisted jeans and more crop tops.

I paired the casual look with my target Keds because I was going to be running around all day and needed comfortable shoes.

Jeans: H&M

crop top: Forever 21

shoes: Target

Vintage feeling

vintage style
vintage feeling
The only thrifted item in this outfit is the dress, and I adore this dress. Every time I wear it, even though it really isn’t vintage, I feel cute and well put together in an old fashioned way. I think it was only $4 bucks and its originally from target. Outfits like this make me feel original because they have a personal touch, and are not trendy. Even though I do get sucked into trends and end up buying things because they’re in, (this isn’t bad, but doesn’t show creativity on my part) deep down inside, I love a good thrift item that makes me stand out.

outfit details:
Sweater and tights – Target
Dress – thrifted
Shoes – amazon
Scarf – local store

DSC_0078pink sweater
DSC_0071pink sweater
vintage feeling
vintage feeling
vintage feeling

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Winter and cozy knits

cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots: teal necklace
cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots: bun
Everybody loves a comfy sweater, especially during winter. I especially love white, grey or pastel pink and blue colored sweaters in winter, because they lighten up your outfit, and I don’t have to wear a bulky jacket in most cases. Today’s weather was decent, I went to the movies with this outfit and wasn’t cold at all.
Outfit details:
Sweater – HM
Pants and necklace – Rue 21
Brogues – Amazon
Purse and watch – Target

Caring for your sweaters:
I don’t own super expensive sweaters, but I owned one high end wool sweater that I only wore once! (you can imagine my frustration) – even though it was a gift, I still feel bad that I didn’t get to enjoy wearing it. Reason – I didn’t follow wash instructions, or rather ignored them..(insert frustrated face)

1. Hand wash wool sweaters in cold water and dry them in the drier using the gentle cycle, because wool shrinks and you may end up with a tiny sweater that doesn’t fit if you wash in a regular cycle. Don’t hang-dry or wring it either. If unable to do the above, take it to a dry cleaner.

2. Fold your sweaters when storing them, don’t use hangers because they will get stretched out.

3. Sweaters come in very many different textures (acrylic, synthetic, cotton..), check wash instructions and follow them
cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots: brogues
cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots
cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots: high bun

Happy Friday everyone!
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Olive green and blue

Hey lovely people, how was the weekend?, mine flew without any fun activities taking place..all work and no play..but I did get things done and out of the way, so it was worth all the hard work. Today I am rocking my most comfy olive green pants from HM. After getting this pair, I walked around the store trying to find them in different colors, but unfortunately couldn’t find any..thats how much I love them.
I wore this coat and the boots to make the simple outfit more polished. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph what shirt I was wearing, but it was freezing…no wonder I forgot ha!
Coat – HM
Pants – HM
Cross-body – Target
Boots – Marshalls

I have really been enjoying photography this winter, its been a good way to kick the winter blues, because I am always doing something, as opposed to those times during winter where most people stay indoors and get a little down. If you’re one of those winter-blues victim, try occupying your time doing something you love/enjoy doing. I have been reading a lot too (besides from school stuff). In the past years, I would work a lot during winter to keep from staying unoccupied, but I found too much work actually made me feel down because it takes a toll on you if you’re always giving…and not receiving (taking care of yourself both physically and mentally). Oh! and yoga!, I am having a blast in my yoga classes. I remember my first ever yoga class 2 years ago, I felt so intimidated by everyone around me, but now that I know what am doing and actually know more about yoga, every class just feels so fulfilling..and the company and teachers are really great too.

Have a lovely day everyone and thank you for stopping by!

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Blanket scarf

winter hats
Outfit details:
Scarf – local store (similar)
Hat – Forever 21 (similar)
Pants: – Forever 21 (similar)
Top – Forever 21
Shoes – Nordstrom rack
The invention of blanket scarves is seriously one of the most genius things in fashion. Even though they are just now in trend and very popular (since last winter), blanket scarves have been there since forever. I remember when I was younger my mom had a couple of blanket scarves that I would borrow once in a while. They were even bulkier and warmer than what I own now. My favorite thing about them is how versatile they are. You can wear them in many different ways and they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so its easy to find your style. Most times I have found that I don’t even need a coat because they are seriously sufficient even in cold weather.

Fashion inspiration

Winter scarf

Pintrest women's fashion

shoe shot

winter make-up
I hope you’re all having a great new year, I somehow managed to start my year by entering a 30 day Yoga challenge at a studio near me (God help me haha), I have only started the challenge, which involves going to a class every day, and my arms and core are killing me already! Have you delved into any new things this year?, I would love to know..

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Holiday spirit

gardens pdx
It is officially December and this year I am full-on holiday mode, lights and other christmas decorations are out and ready to be hanged, the fireplace (even though its electric haha) is on and my iTunes is playing all day christmas music, too soon? , I don’t think so..
I remember back home, my mom would buy tons and tons of decorations and we would all stay up late hanging them up, it was one holiday tradition I looked forward to always. My parents didn’t hold back on the christmas shopping either, so that was fun too. Now than am living solo, shopping not so much haha, I have found that all the junk I buy during the holidays just ends up being piled up somewhere in my apartment, and I hate clutter! I love shopping for gifts, for other people though. Other little traditions I do: cooking/baking/experimenting holiday favorites, decorating and visiting people I haven’t seen almost all year long
Burgundy leather jacket
cropped jacket

Last year, we visited and spent christmas at a little bavarian village in Leavenworth, WA which was fun but so crowded!, I don’t think this year we’ll go back but it was fun to at the time. I want to go snow shoeing this year, esp because we have so much snow up the mountains, I think this will be fun.


gardens portland

This is a little throw back from when we were in Portland, OR, at the international rose test garden. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see any blooming roses, but now I feel stupid coz….duh…winter…no blooms..ha (blonde moment) It was fun to visit though and walk around. It is huge, and very well designed, there are some sweet spots to just sit and take in the beauty.

blanket scarf
I hope you guys are having a great December so far, and thanks as always for stopping by

Jacket -HM
Pants -FOREVER 21
Scarf – local store
Shoes – Marshalls


When I wrote my first monologue of a post at 18 years old, I never thought at 25 years old I would ever talk about shyness..seriously, it would have seemed like a retrogression of some sort, but I have realized, the older we get, the more self-aware and wiser we become, and I have truly grown from that 18 year old girl I used to be.
Are you one of those people who are just going about life and people around you start asking things like, “why are so quiet?, do you want to say something?” etc etc, if yes then stick around..
Growing up, I never would have categorized myself as a shy person/quiet, I always had a group of friends that I talked to, but people especially grown ups (teachers and family friends)would always tell my parents I was quiet or shy, and they gave it a negative connotation, making it seem like it was a bad thing..which made me want to get far away as possible from that label.
In college, shyness/being quiet became even more of a thing because I was in a different country going through a very different social adjustment, with college students who constantly pointed out my differences and socializing just became exhausting to me unless it was with Kenyan people (who obviously I clicked well with).
Out of the school environment, I still get the “quiet girl” label with my interactions with others, and at first I just wondered…is it such a bad thing to be quiet?, I know at times it may make situations a bit awkward with new people, and its required sometimes to feign interest in someone so as to diffuse this awkwardness. It also may make you seem uninterested in others around you, and sometimes you may be….but it paints as rude (in places like a friends house, a dinner or a party etc)
Most times, as a quiet person people may tend to take advantage of you, and thats where you have to clearly set boundaries and say “no am not happy with that and stand your ground”
It is ok to be naturally quiet, there’s nothing wrong with it. Find people who you click well with and be good friends with them, in social situations, fake it! haha it may become exhausting but if its unavoidable, you’ve got to.
Quiet people are also underestimated a lot, and are some of the smartest people I know. For expats living away from home and away from your comfort zone, different social environment with unfamiliar social behaviors may make you a shy/quiet person because you are afraid of embarrassing yourself due to lack of knowledge in certain things that are familiar to others around you, and also people may approach you less or even ignore/lack to acknowledge what you have to say just because you are so different. However, over time, we adjust and are able to socialize easily.
Lastly, if you are this type of person, don’t be intimidated by the crowd..i mean, whats the worst that could happen? (unless your life is on the line haha), keep on living your life and know that there are very many people out there who feel the same way you do…and we are all just people!

If you prefer seeing me talk about the topic, click on the video below…warning: I have a cold and may have blood shot eyes and a strange voice haha, please bear with me, I really wanted to talk about this. I would appreciate your feedback too 🙂

Memorial day weekend

It’s been kind of wild this week, busy with life and I happen to have some sort of “bug”…been feeling sick all week but am pushing through. Like my rad denim jacket?, I scored it for very cheap at a local store. I was never fond of jackets because most denim jackets I owned were sort of heavy but this one isn’t, making it very appropriate for the “spring” weather here in Washington.
And if you can’t tell already, I am in love with my new braids 🙂
I hope everyone is having a lovely memorial day weekend, any exciting plans?
outfit details:
Denim jacket – Calvin klein bought at a local store
Pants – Ross
Top – Marshalls
Shoes – Seychelles footwear
Shop Amazon – Save 30% on prAna Clothing