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The brave

In today’s world, nobody bats an eye when a male talks about adventuring/traveling alone, because we have set this as a norm, “males can do whatever they want” type of thing. However, in my mind and this is supported by real statistics, males are as much in danger adventuring/traveling alone as are women. When I moved to Washington state, the most attractive thing to me was the endless beauty in the wilderness. God truly did love this side of the world….I quickly became addicted to being outdoors, and I enjoyed hiking immensely. It is my way of distressing and recharging after stressful work weeks or school days. A few times I do hike with other people, but I love going solo because of the freedom to hike more difficult trails and just take it all in without being bothered. I never for one second felt threatened by anything/anyone on the trails, I meet a lot of fellow young lady hikers on the trails, hiking solo too and this encourages me even more.
Tips on hiking/camping/traveling/adventuring solo:

1. Know your environment well. This means doing a lot of research on the conditions of the place you are visiting, and also reading reviews about people’s experiences there. I feel very safe on Washington trails because the areas are overall very safe and far from urban places, meaning less chances for crimes. You are more likely to be in danger in a city full of people than in a Washington state trail in my opinion. I do not hike urban parks because homeless people go there for shelter, I prefer out and back trails that require driving far away from the city to get to.

2. Plan accordingly. Safety first. Have a first aid kit customized for yourself (if you have allergies, bring allergy medicine. Have pain medicine, antiseptic, bandages, small rope/tourniquet for emergency purposes, pepper spray or bear spray if in bear country, pocket knife – could be used for so many things including protecting yourself and a whistle too). Have extra food, extra clothing and most important dress for the weather.

3. Last tip, let someone know where you are. I always send a quick text to someone about where I am going to be and the time I expect to be back. If they don’t hear back from me at that time, then they would act accordingly.

I hope this makes you feel more at ease about going solo in whichever place you choose to. Just do your research well and be prepared. I met someone who loves camping solo and she always has a gun with her for safety, if you love adventure, don’t let anything stop you. Just be smart about things.

If you hate being alone and don’t care for solo adventuring, then find someone like minded and in somewhat same physical fitness(I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, if your partner can’t do what you can, then you don’t get to do what you want. Some people are also endless complainers and won’t stop whining – I have seen this a lot while hiking and it is so annoying) Any how, I hope this was somewhat of an encouragement to those seeking adventure, have fun and thanks for stopping by.

Fall inspiration

Hey ladies and gents! Here is some fall inspo to feast your eyes on, I know I love fall and all the decor, fashion, weather, color change, festivities, it’s an all around warm season with everything beautiful








How beautiful is this 2015 “marsala” trend for weddings, I won’t lie I have been a little obsessed with “pintresting” wedding related things 🙂

Source: pintrest

The fear of being truly you

We all have a crippling fear of completely letting others see who we truly are at times, because we are afraid of judgement and labels. In today’s world where everyone is so digital, we all somehow have an online presence and its scary to know that what we put information out there that is free for masses and masses of people all over the world to see, and of course judge you from this content, so in most cases, people fabricate or sugar coat their lives to seem more pleasant, more interesting and its almost like competing against each other. However it doesn’t have to be so, for example, when I started a blog, my intent was to write content that I would look back on someday and be reminded of how I thought at a certain time, what I was up to etc..but I kind of found myself shifting towards posting what seemed relevant to others and this is ok, but its not what my goal is.


It is incredibly amazing to have the freedom to express your thoughts without having to put up walls or please others, but the human part in us is always striving for the latter and sometimes peer pressure is involved too. I have had friends tell me to write about certain things because that’s whats trending at the moment and I need to be in the same current as everyone else, but they obviously miss the point of why you are doing what you are doing.

Life is too short to do what you do for the approval of others, be your own competitor, encourage and help others so you can learn and grow, go against the current and don’t look around to see what others think of you and for a moment……just go offline, read a book or talk to someone new face to face and just live life!

Another wrong thing that has been ingrained in us today esp in the western world, is the need to always surround yourself with a ton of friends all the time, which completely false. We all should be very comfortable being able to spend time alone, and its totally ok to not go out every night or every weekend with tons of friends. It does not mean you are incapable of being liked/being sociable, some people have said to me at some point that people usually don’t last as their friends or they are not likable etc (self-deprecating) and its just so wrong to have this mentality, be comfortable with yourself, we are all weird in some ways and thats what makes us unique. Not everyone will like you, and that is fine, be you most importantly.

Lastly, be one to make others feel good about themselves, be honest with friends who lack self-confidence and help them realize how incredibly unique and amazing they are. The things we do for others help build who we are. Just live life and worry less about other’s opinions.

-love jackie-


Drive me daisy


Some of my favorite things to do lately are getting out of the house and exploring (solo or with friends), having meaningful conversations with people who actually listen, blogging and photography(of course), listening to audiobooks(I would rather read a book but I love to do this on my commute to work) and reading poetry (this is new, I hated poetry back in high school haha). I hate to let negativity wear me down, I convince myself on a daily basis that failure is meant to make us stronger and that I am who I am, where I am at the right time. It’s easy for people to look and judge you without knowing or understanding what you are going through, people can be hurtful and discouraging at times. I have made it upon myself to surround myself with those I truly love in hard times, and remember that I am the only one who can bring myself up, I have to be there for myself always and thats ok.
Failure can tear us down and make us feel like we have no value in this world, but it is meant to give us value by testing our ability to do things. Despite the many failures I have been dealing with this couple months, I have found strength in talking to the right people…I have also made the mistake of confiding in the wrong people, who utterly bruised my ego and made me feel worse than before. We all at some point go through times like this when we are full of doubts about our capabilities and value, remember this is normal and perfectly ok, you will get through it and in happy times you’ll have a story to tell 🙂 happy monday friends!
Outfit details:
Dress – thrifted originally from target
Shoes – Target

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Le weekend



April is my birth month and we decided to celebrate early, no complains here :)..We had an amazing day in downtown Seattle, esp because “Comi-con” was going on at the convention center and the streets were packed with comic lovers dressed up as super heroes/comic characters. It was fun to people watch. We walked around pike place market, which was all flowers everywhere and so beautiful..had a mini stroll around the starbucks reserve roastery tasting room(a giant coffee shop, where you can see barrels of coffee beans, the packaging process, taste new coffee that hasn’t been released yet…and it smells like heaven)


After strolling around seattle/shopping, we had dinner at stateside restaurant on first hill – a french & vietnamese fusion restaurant (it is one of my favorite now, if you live around seattle – highly recommended), then walked to bookstore cafe for coffee but instead had cocktails (they don’t serve coffee after 6 p.m apparently) and ended the night at seattle underground comedy club at pioneer square, which was lots of fun!



Do you guys like the outfit?, I am in love with this romper, so easy, breezy..haha, and I did my braids on Saturday (turned out pretty good), I love easy, comfortable outfits..so this was perfect, wore it with my black boots and black target blazer.


Romper – F21//Boots-marshalls//tights – H&M//belt and necklace-f21

Happy monday friends 🙂



For visual readers (lol…jokes), the above are recent pictures taken with my DSLR….I am enjoying photography in spring because everything is so alive. The ferry is in a small cute historic neighborhood close to where I live and hopefully in future I’ll share more photos, the picture of me standing is me practicing focus points and manual shooting…I get so thrilled when I learn new tricks…if you have been a beginner DSLR learner I know you share this moment lol, the other pictures are random, p.s those trees do blossom in spring and it should be gorgeous 

I also feel like I have no time for anything!!!, I have so many ideas but no time for actions..current situation:

yeah, it’s time for me to renew my BLSand I went ahead and signed up for ACLS (I didn’t know I should study for ACLS before class..oops!) thanks to the bf for having an extra copy for ACLS , am now reading it like a novel befor e class tomorrow morning 😁, I hope I pass, I’ve heard of HP’s who’ve failed the class(I didn’t even know that was possible lol) …I better pass because it is freaking expensive. I am also turning a year older in April and I am eying those sandals from Seychelles *hint*

Anyhow, hopefully during the weekend i’ll do some outfit posts…I am so jealous of you guys who post everyday/every other day. Lastly, I might be starting some DIY projects to make things (jewelry, clothing) I like but can’t find my size or my taste, hopefully  that will go well lol. Cheers guys!


Self potrait

potrait 5

“My thoughts are stars I could not fathom into constellations” – John Green

“I write because I do not know what I think until I read what I say” – Flannery O’Connor

“To be nobody but yourself in a world that’s doing its best to  make  you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting.” – e.e cummins

“First, I am very fascinated by how everyone  loves each other, but nobody really likes each other ” – John green

“I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear, and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)..” – e.e cummings

DSC_0454_FotorHopefully it will stop raining so I can do get out of the house. Today I really wanted to blog but had nothing to say ha!, so I decided to try do a self-potrait.. you like?

I also binge read other blogs I like, and hadn’t had a chance to read recently. It’s so  refreshing for me to read other people’s perspective on things related to daily boring everyday life, and I also like getting inspired in terms of food, style, working out etc, some of my faves are delightfully tacky by Elizabeth, twenty seven by Michelle and Curious Natalia. I find this ladies blogs “from the heart”  and very unique and personal. It’s obviously very brave for people to share their lives with the wide world web (the good and bad) and I respect such content, despite my disagree-ability  or agree-ability. I honestly hope my blog will go into a similar direction, something someone can relate to, not just nice photos/clothes.


Stripes simplicity

Today was weird, I woke up thinking I had the day off and was really confused when work called me to go in….ooppss!, I can’t keep track of my days anymore..

stripped dress - thrifted

striped dress – thrifted

6 pointI also can’t wait for this week to end, its been hellish, but I am trying to stay positive. Do you guys ever miss school/classes?, I do.. I miss learning new things and being excited to finish projects in college, and I honestly can’t wait to go back because I am really struggling to like my new work position. I don’t want to quit just because am unhappy there, I know its only temporary so I’ll give it my best and hopefully things will look up soon.

7 point

8 pointyay to career change thoughts!!

yay to career change thoughts!!

Stay positive friends, it’s almost spring 🙂


Do me a solid.


I think summer came early in the pnw and am not complaining, the weather has been gorgeous all week and I finally got to enjoy it today, even though I have become accustomed to the rainy and cloudy days. My work week has been very eventful and I couldn’t wait to get a break from all of that, and soak up on some vitamin D.

I almost never wear jeans, since I spent half of my teenage life in jeans, so I decided to double it up!, I used a red belt to pop some color since my shoes matched the denim haha, I needed comfortable shoes I could walk in.


Denim shirt: old navy// pants: HM//shoes: target

tips on a double denim look: wear a different tones of denim, don’t accessorize with more than 2 items, wear different color shoes or belt.


Do y’all (pun intended) like the other side of WA?, I felt a little “mid western/southern cowboy” I have to say. I enjoyed playing with the sunset because I never get the chance to take sunset photos, it was fun.


DSC_0085Enjoy the little things in life, one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.


Oh for pete’s sake!

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit

Things am really excited about right now? having a day off from the long stretch of draining work days. I love my job, but working with sick people who constantly need you for help can be draining in ways I cannot describe. My whole thing was looking forward to binge-watching madmen, listening to my favorite audiobook (the goldfinch) on my commute from work and hanging out with my favorite person, but I have finished both madmen and the book and I don’t know what to do with myself anymore! I got into Hart of dixie for a while because of all the cute outfits the cast wears but I just fell off that train (too much cliches in the storyline) and started watching parks and rec for some laughs. It’s also unbelievable that January is almost over and tax season is upon us (yes please). I have to say that I am loving my new attitude in this cold and grey weather, I have been very outdoorsy, trying new things, complaining less…..lets hope this carries on until spring.

I didn’t realize how much school consumed my life until now, even though i have a full-time job, I feel so free (even though i wish i had more hours in day) and “normal”, i guess the fact that i was always a full-time student for the last four years had just become a normal for me and stress was part of my life without even noticing.

On other news, I recently wore this cute top from f21. I went to the mall to use up my hm gift card and could not resist popping into f21 after I got an email stating all sale items were 50% off!!!, unfortunately i didn’t get a sale item(after hrs of searching for something cute – everything was in large sizes 🙁 ), so I walked to the spring section and fell in love with this fabric:


So I ended up with the peter pan collar crop top(i live for the 60s 🙂 ) and a jumper/romper with the same fabric, I haven’t worn the romper yet, but here are more pics of the crop top:



IMG_2320-0the back is supper cute – buttons all the way down

IMG_2329-0and of course i was wearing my h&m jacket- def a fav for this season

– purejackie –