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Island girl

coconut beach sunrise
Today is my last full day in paradise AKA Kauai….. I want to cry just thinking about going back to Washington..dull and cold PNW, but all good things do come to an end. My favorite things to do in Kauai were definitely sunrise/sunset watching, people watching on the beach/conversations with strangers(everyone here is so happy…maybe its all the Vit D ha-ha) and hiking because waterfalls are everywhere literally!
Oh and of course I will miss driving around in a jeep wrangler listening to island music!!!, when I was a teenager back in Kenya I always dreamt of owning a jeep…..if only the thing wasn’t such a gas guzzler in reality haha..someday
Did I forget to mention the food?…omg I ate so much in the past 2 weeks its unbelievable! I just can’t resist all the good food here…ono ono (very good in hawaiian haha)
Today I spent all day reading my book at Anini beach and playing in the water. This beach is really cool because it is the only safe beach to swim in,(for kids and weak swimmers esp) around the east side and north shore. Most beaches in Kauai have very strong winds blowing and hence very strong waves in the ocean (perfect for surfers and expert ocean swimmers), making them very unsafe and many have lost their lives exploring them.
I wore my Macy’s 2 piece swim suit at the beach, which is my favorite and I got so many compliments from other ladies I thought it was at least worth mentioning on the blog. No judging my kalua pork belly ha ha (having a beach body is: “having a body and taking it to the beach” lol) I’ll start working off the vacation weight gain when vacation is over!
Guys I hope you enjoyed my Kauai posts, I would love to share vacation ideas if any of you ever decided to travel to Kauai, I went everywhere on this island guys…EVERYWHERE!! haha, if I posted everything I would overwhelm you guys..so aloha until next time 🙂
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It’s been a busy week and my little worry-filled head needed a break today. It was a day full of coincidences..
first we went to brunch at Smoke and Cedar , which is on a golf course and right in front of me on the putty green was my old communications class teacher practicing his “swings”. I didn’t say hi if you’re wondering, because I would’ve had to duck flying golf balls to get to him and I figure teachers go through so many students to remember each one and he would be forced to pretend he remembered me.
Later on, we went to see the movie ex-machina (pretty good), then we came across this car parked right in front of this historic barn at the park, what a great coincidence!, I initially thought it was a prop for some photographer of sorts, but nobody was there and of course I had to pull out my camera haha.. I think the owner just wanted to show off this coolness and I responded very well to this.
Ian decided to let me know that I wasn’t allowed to jump in or lean on the car….duh.. haha
Nevertheless, it was fun taking outfit pics today
Outfit details:
Romper//bag- forever21
Brogues-Breckless on amazon
Earrings-gift from Gilt

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Short story

pick me
Purse- Forever 21
Shorts – Forever 21
White T-shirt – local store
Shoes – seychelles footwear
Necklace – Forever 21
This is what I wore yesterday, I love these shorts, the cute pattern reminds me of a green blouse my mom owned in the 90s and a yellow scarf my grandma wore all the time haha..definitely a staple in my closet now. The weather was cooler in the morning and I thought…oh no, i def look stupid with shorts in this weather, but then suddenly it became warmer than I even thought it was going to get, so I fit right in.
I hope you guys are having a lovely week so far 🙂
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Maxi skirt

On my recent shopping trip I scored this maxi on the sale rack from Charlotte Russe, it was the only maxi in size “small” and I had to get it! Back then when I was in high school, I remember maxi skirts and dresses being the “it”, but none of them would fit me because I was too short. I haven’t changed much in terms of size, still 5’1″ haha, and maybe gone up a size or 2, depending on type of clothes. I had given up on maxis, but when I saw this skirt at the store and it fit me perfectly, I thought to my self…..the stars have finally aligned…
Skirt & ring//Charlotte Russe
I know some ladies like maxis that literally sweep the floor, but this is just fine with me…the back is slightly longer and the front comes up a little due to the ruched detail on one side. This maxi is so perfect for the spring and summer, am so glad I found it.
Initially I wanted to pair the skirt with a white top for a classic black and white look but I thought this grey top would make it more unique, it has the white lace detail at the front, so the outfit isn’t too dull. I tucked in the top because its flared at the bottom.
Have a lovely week guys, sending good vibes your way.

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Top//Ross; Shorts//DIY; Scarf//Fred Meyer; Booties//Marshalls; Bracelets//F21; Shades//Target
So, I woke up really pissed today because last night, it was predicted to rain all day today, but guess what…..it was sunny all day!!!. I had changed my plans the day before based on the weather, even slept in, just to wake up to a beautiful sunny day (half of it wasted in bed haha). You’re probably frowning wondering what the heck is wrong with me, but I really wanted to hike today, I played with the idea of hiking in pouring rain but a lot of scenarios formed in my head (most of them involved me slipping and rolling down the mountain and into some sort of wild animal, deep in the forest haha). To be fair, it wasn’t that warm outside and the wind was on a whole another level…but I still wore my shorts out 🙂
Lets talk about what am wearing..My shorts are DIY, I made them from old Gap jeans 2 years ago. Super easy for those who’ve never made shorts from old unflattering jeans. All I did was measure the length that I wanted for the shorts then cut 2 inches lower so I could fold and iron the “cut end” and voila!, I had shorts. It’s hard for me to find comfortable shorts since I have broad hips and a smaller waist…..most shorts are made for “no hips and a small waist”, or “broad hips and a large waist”…make sense? :). In short, these shorts are among the few in my collection that I actually like an feel comfortable in.
My top is from Ross, and I love the sheer part on the back..so cute!. The booties and scarf complete the outfit well, kind of dramatic at the top and subtle at the bottom.

Have a nice rest of the weekend friends, I hope it’s sunny and warm where you are 🙂

Wrap Around..

Today was a nice day, I dug out this wrap around blouse I bought years back, in Kenya. It matches the “spring theme” and is pretty unique, comfy and cute. I also wore my brogues to warm up my outfit with a shade of brown since my bag and leggings are black. Perfect outfit for brunch with the bf and doing some shopping. We brunched at Dirty Oscars Annex, one of our favorite breakfast places…you have to try it if you live around Tacoma/Seattle and have never been here, you won’t be disappointed.
My bag was a gift from my bf’s mom. It’s a coach bag that has been passed down from her mom and I felt so honored to have it 🙂 . Earrings are from Charlotte Rousse, I love their jewelry selection and I get tons of complements wearing these earrings.
I hope you guys are having an amazing friday so far, remember to let your hair down and have some fun this weekend 🙂


Le weekend



April is my birth month and we decided to celebrate early, no complains here :)..We had an amazing day in downtown Seattle, esp because “Comi-con” was going on at the convention center and the streets were packed with comic lovers dressed up as super heroes/comic characters. It was fun to people watch. We walked around pike place market, which was all flowers everywhere and so beautiful..had a mini stroll around the starbucks reserve roastery tasting room(a giant coffee shop, where you can see barrels of coffee beans, the packaging process, taste new coffee that hasn’t been released yet…and it smells like heaven)


After strolling around seattle/shopping, we had dinner at stateside restaurant on first hill – a french & vietnamese fusion restaurant (it is one of my favorite now, if you live around seattle – highly recommended), then walked to bookstore cafe for coffee but instead had cocktails (they don’t serve coffee after 6 p.m apparently) and ended the night at seattle underground comedy club at pioneer square, which was lots of fun!



Do you guys like the outfit?, I am in love with this romper, so easy, breezy..haha, and I did my braids on Saturday (turned out pretty good), I love easy, comfortable outfits..so this was perfect, wore it with my black boots and black target blazer.


Romper – F21//Boots-marshalls//tights – H&M//belt and necklace-f21

Happy monday friends 🙂




I recently made a purchase from Ruche, a vintage clothing company that I discovered a few months back and I am definitely in love!!, I honestly hate online shopping unlike most people, because I get so impatient waiting on my packages and it’s annoying when the stuff doesn’t fit or the color is weird and I have to ship them back (sigh!)…..even though I go through tons of reviews about the clothing, it’s still rare for me to get stuff online (in terms of clothes/shoes). Anyhow, after browsing Ruche website for hours (everything was so cute!), I settled on this taupe midi skirt. It is super comfy, cute and awesome quality, I know I’ll wear this a lot 🙂





Noticed my brogues yet?, I definitely scored on this pair. Purchased through amazon, and first impression – super comfy, shoes made for walking that’a for sure 🙂


This is one of my favorite outfit I have to say, I am headed over for “linner” (meal between lunch and dinner) now lol, is it an actual word? idk..



I think it’s funny how this looks more like fall, but I promise flowers are blossoming everywhere around here and it is definitely spring, just not where I chose to take my outfit pics haha. I wore my black cardigan to complete the look and because it is chilly and drizzling a bit. Do you like my outfit?

Have a nice day friends.



I hate to abandon my blog but life happens sometimes and priority shifts. 

So…March was my favorite person’s easy month, in terms of working, so we got to spend lots of time together. 

Last weekend we went to woodinville Wa for wine tasting with some friends and we ended up doing a brewery tour and distillery tasting, in addition to the wine tasting…. Let’s just say our tummys weren’t too happy and leave it at that 😊

If you live in the Pnw and like wine tasting/summer concerts with wine involved, woodinville will not dissapoint, and they have amazing places to eat too. 

So those pictures somehow sum up March…

How about outfit pics and photography you may be wondering? /or not? …… I will hopefully get more time to take pics in the next few days before the end of the week


Aren’t midi skirts darling?, and I wish my style pics came out as neat…oh well 😒 lol

I hope you are inspired too, my next style post will have something to do with midi skirts.

-purejackie- ✌️