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Catching up

Hi there lovely ladies and gentlemen
My days have been rather monotonous consisting of large piles of school work and long days at work, leaving me wishing it was summer again, where I had so much time in my hands. Can you believe class got cancelled because of wind?, yes you read that right, apparently that is a very unsafe condition that demands cancellation of classes(am sure in certain areas of the world, strong winds are extremely dangerous, but yeah..no it wasn’t that bad) of course I was happy I didn’t have class but seriously?, I don’t see it as a good enough reason to cancel class, because that just means more work for me (online assignments) when I could have just sat in class pretending to listen to lecture. I hope my instructor doesn’t read my blog haha, she is a lovely woman but sometimes I think she enjoys leaving class early more than the students do.


HM – shirt
pants – Forever 21
Hat – Forever 21
Brogues – Amazon
Do you like my outfit?, I have never owned a wide brim wool hat, so I branched out style wise and I love it, more because I didn’t have to do my hair, even though it almost got blown off by the wind while I was out haha
I was thinking the other day how calculated I am about style branching, I spend a lot of months contemplating before i do something dramatic like owning a hat haha, I wanted this hat since January, and now is when I finally got it. I am definitely not an impulse shopper, I think of how and when I will wear whatever I got (unless I am gifted something). I know I don’t sound fun to go shopping with, but i promise I will try on everything in the store, I just end up leaving empty handed in most cases. You may not know this from looking at my blog posts but thats me in real life haha. I actually never used to be this way, I was a shopaholic when in high school thanks to my mom who lead the example haha, but when I started living solo, I just didn’t see the need to clutter my apartment with clothes, I hate having tons of clothes everywhere (biggest pet peeve)
Are you guys planning for thanksgiving already?, I am thinking of making a meal for a small number of people, I can’t wait for days when I have my own big family that I can cook for on thanksgiving…gah!, am excited already
I might share some recipes am planning on trying this thanksgiving, be on the lookout

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely rest of the week!

Life of a 20 something..


Every time I meet a 20 something year old, especially at work, we immediately bond on the fact that we are young professionals just starting out the rest of our lives (career-wise) and are eager to learn from each other, always. For example, being a nurse, our patients trust us a lot, and sometimes as a young nurse (who looks 12 years old esp haha)..it takes a while for someone to completely trust me and not watch me like a hawk while I work, ready to correct me if I make a mistake. Is it frustrating? heck yeah…if this was an older nurse, the patient assumes they have been working long enough to know what they are doing and the trust is just there…by default….but for me, I have to work to earn it. I keep myself updated by reading up on different procedures, medical equipments, refreshing my knowledge on meds and their side effects, pathologies and their prognosis, surgeries and post-op care, etc

Many professionals in their 20’s have a lot of why’s….you hate being criticised by your peers, being called the new “So and so” , being babied/people over-explaining things to you…at times people may even assume certain mistakes at work are from you, and you may even be wrongly accused of doing things you didn’t do.
The important thing to remember, is that there is nothing wrong with your performance (unless there’s an obvious one, then fix it haha), it is the norm for people to react this way to new professionals. I found myself doing the same thing recently and a light bulb just went on in my head! And for those that are going through this, it will pass, this is the beginning of your amazing journey in whatever it is you’re doing.
– Always be respectful towards your co-workers, don’t judge them based on how they do things, people do things in their own unique ways.
– Be humble and be willing to learn, always refresh your knowledge through fact based literature or from experts in the industry
– Know your goals and work persistently towards them
– It is okay to work overtime at times, you are just beginning a journey, don’t expect to have it all “cushy”
– Fake confidence if you don’t have it already
– Finally, enjoy the journey all the way..despite the challenges and many tears that you’ll shed. If the place you’re at doesn’t appreciate you and your handwork, find a place that does, if this is not possible…be patient things will eventually work out

Summer Favorites

clear face 2

Hey friends,
I have some favorites to share with you all, these products have seriously changed my life!!
Most of my friends know am always breaking out here and there (its never been major, just one or 2 zits the size of mt everest once in a while), but am happy to announce I have been “zit-free” for a whole 2 months!..yeah been feelin’ myself lately ha..I kid. Anyhow, my secret has been artistry essentials cleanser, lotion and toner that my friend Maggie introduced me to. I was skeptical at first because I have been through so many products in my life but I decided to try since I knew her and would find her if it didn’t work haha
So, I bought the 20 dollar trial kit (travel size pack) and I absolutely loved it. After I was through with that, I purchased the big size because I knew this was a keeper.
artistry essentials
artistry essentials hydrating pack

Feel free to check out Maggie’s website, there are so many options to choose from depending on you face type.
Other things i have been loving:
This primer is amazing guys, it is super light and kind of evens your face so when you wear foundation on top of it just looks flawless. I am not super into make up but I like to have a clean, clear face (but I love lipsticks :)) and the L’Oreal powder foundation is my all time favorite – So light and covers your face perfectly
I have been painting my nails a lot lately since vacation time, and I love being able to slide it right off when I need a change, and these pads are the bomb dot com!, they’ve been around for a while but i had never tried them…just because….but am totally in love now

Disclaimer: I haven’t been sponsored/asked by any of these companies/products to promote, It’s just what has been working for me lately and i felt like sharing. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
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A lady’s best friend

Am back home now and it honestly feels good, it’s nice to be back to the norm. Yesterday Ian’s residency program had a dinner party, somewhat formal, so I had to get dressed up a bit. I went through my closet and all my cute dinner dresses are strapless or sleeveless…..but I acquired major sunburns on my arms, chest and back in kauai, so I wanted to hide them as much as possible ha-ha
I live close to a shopping center so I dashed last minute to the stores in search of a cute light weight cover up, but instead fell in love with this dress from Ross
I really love the design of this dress and even though the sleeves aren’t long enough to cover all my sunburns, the beauty of the dress is enough distraction and compensates for the rest ha
I paired the black and nude dress with my nude Marshalls heel sandals, which went perfect! The outfit made me feel grown up, beautiful and confident because I didn’t worry about sunburnt skin showing ha-ha. It was very appropriate for the event and I got compliments yay!
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Short story

pick me
Purse- Forever 21
Shorts – Forever 21
White T-shirt – local store
Shoes – seychelles footwear
Necklace – Forever 21
This is what I wore yesterday, I love these shorts, the cute pattern reminds me of a green blouse my mom owned in the 90s and a yellow scarf my grandma wore all the time haha..definitely a staple in my closet now. The weather was cooler in the morning and I thought…oh no, i def look stupid with shorts in this weather, but then suddenly it became warmer than I even thought it was going to get, so I fit right in.
I hope you guys are having a lovely week so far 🙂
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Le weekend



April is my birth month and we decided to celebrate early, no complains here :)..We had an amazing day in downtown Seattle, esp because “Comi-con” was going on at the convention center and the streets were packed with comic lovers dressed up as super heroes/comic characters. It was fun to people watch. We walked around pike place market, which was all flowers everywhere and so beautiful..had a mini stroll around the starbucks reserve roastery tasting room(a giant coffee shop, where you can see barrels of coffee beans, the packaging process, taste new coffee that hasn’t been released yet…and it smells like heaven)


After strolling around seattle/shopping, we had dinner at stateside restaurant on first hill – a french & vietnamese fusion restaurant (it is one of my favorite now, if you live around seattle – highly recommended), then walked to bookstore cafe for coffee but instead had cocktails (they don’t serve coffee after 6 p.m apparently) and ended the night at seattle underground comedy club at pioneer square, which was lots of fun!



Do you guys like the outfit?, I am in love with this romper, so easy, breezy..haha, and I did my braids on Saturday (turned out pretty good), I love easy, comfortable outfits..so this was perfect, wore it with my black boots and black target blazer.


Romper – F21//Boots-marshalls//tights – H&M//belt and necklace-f21

Happy monday friends 🙂




I recently made a purchase from Ruche, a vintage clothing company that I discovered a few months back and I am definitely in love!!, I honestly hate online shopping unlike most people, because I get so impatient waiting on my packages and it’s annoying when the stuff doesn’t fit or the color is weird and I have to ship them back (sigh!)…..even though I go through tons of reviews about the clothing, it’s still rare for me to get stuff online (in terms of clothes/shoes). Anyhow, after browsing Ruche website for hours (everything was so cute!), I settled on this taupe midi skirt. It is super comfy, cute and awesome quality, I know I’ll wear this a lot 🙂





Noticed my brogues yet?, I definitely scored on this pair. Purchased through amazon, and first impression – super comfy, shoes made for walking that’a for sure 🙂


This is one of my favorite outfit I have to say, I am headed over for “linner” (meal between lunch and dinner) now lol, is it an actual word? idk..



I think it’s funny how this looks more like fall, but I promise flowers are blossoming everywhere around here and it is definitely spring, just not where I chose to take my outfit pics haha. I wore my black cardigan to complete the look and because it is chilly and drizzling a bit. Do you like my outfit?

Have a nice day friends.


Sister style

So the sister finally re-surfaced!! Yay, and she put together this outfit. Every item was bought in various local (kenya) stores and flee market. 

After seeing my sister’s outfit, I warned her I would be rocking same colored pieces soon because  my most recent buys were a taupe midi skirt and tan brogues…..great minds huh?

On a different note, I was talking to some of my friends who are about my age and graduated from their first degrees and started  working adult jobs, and all of them did not like their jobs – this is not to say that they have terrible jobs, but their expectations about these jobs fell short and reality is not what they thought it would be. Then I stumbled upon this Forbes magazine article about why people stay in jobs they hate and the truth is, 75% of the world’s population do not like what they do for work, but they stay anyway because of what this jobs represent – security, enough money to afford a certain kind of lifestyle, doing something that gives us value and purpose, and if you don’t have valid, serious reasons other than you don’t like what you do, the best thing is to keep your job, unless of course you are purely miserable and can’t provide quality work/you’re being affected in a bad way by being at that place…

All these were good food for my brain 😀, feel free to share in the cements of you agree with me or not..

Did you guys enjoy my sister’s style?, I loved it, very casual and chic street style. unlike me the  “dress queen”, Esther is the “skirt queen” , but she’s pushing me towards getting more skirts 😊

hope y’all are having a great weekend…I definitely am.


New beginnings

barn1I think spring came early in the pnw, too bad the “east-coasters” are getting hit hard by blizzards. Flowers are blossoming everywhere here, the sunny days are getting longer… I hope it stays this way for a while but who knows, the pnw weather has been known to play tricks on us. Anyhow, I bought this dress for my graduation last year and never wore it since then, I decided to pull it out for a night out, where  I paired it with a black Target blazer, tights and my black ankle booties (too bad I didn’t get any outfit photos). Today I decided to wear it dressed down with my denim shirt and silver flats. It was a glorious 63 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so this outfit was perfect. I got compliments on the dress from strangers too 😉





dress: Nordstrom//flats:old navy//denim shirt:old navy//necklace:F21


DSC_0611_Fotor I also seem to have an obsession with blue and green, like most pnw locals..i think its sort of strange how my style gravitates towards these colors, blue is one of my least favorite colors (so I say) but my closet is 65% blue, yuck! lol, green is my favorite color though..I will make a point of shifting towards other colors in the future. Speaking of the future, I have been on the hunt for nice brogues for a while now, I can’t decide whether to put it on birthday wish list since it’s coming up or whether to buy some….as of now I haven’t found any that I really like (in terms of quality too coz I’ll probably wear them daily ha), any ideas guys? lastly, I just watched the Kingsman secret service movie, and it did not disappoint. The guy (Harry) has this phrase “oxfords not brogues” that re-ignited my want for some brogues haha. ok bye.


Enjoy the sunshine y'all

Enjoy the sunshine y’all



Self potrait

potrait 5

“My thoughts are stars I could not fathom into constellations” – John Green

“I write because I do not know what I think until I read what I say” – Flannery O’Connor

“To be nobody but yourself in a world that’s doing its best to  make  you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting.” – e.e cummins

“First, I am very fascinated by how everyone  loves each other, but nobody really likes each other ” – John green

“I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear, and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)..” – e.e cummings

DSC_0454_FotorHopefully it will stop raining so I can do get out of the house. Today I really wanted to blog but had nothing to say ha!, so I decided to try do a self-potrait.. you like?

I also binge read other blogs I like, and hadn’t had a chance to read recently. It’s so  refreshing for me to read other people’s perspective on things related to daily boring everyday life, and I also like getting inspired in terms of food, style, working out etc, some of my faves are delightfully tacky by Elizabeth, twenty seven by Michelle and Curious Natalia. I find this ladies blogs “from the heart”  and very unique and personal. It’s obviously very brave for people to share their lives with the wide world web (the good and bad) and I respect such content, despite my disagree-ability  or agree-ability. I honestly hope my blog will go into a similar direction, something someone can relate to, not just nice photos/clothes.