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Catching up

Hi there lovely ladies and gentlemen
My days have been rather monotonous consisting of large piles of school work and long days at work, leaving me wishing it was summer again, where I had so much time in my hands. Can you believe class got cancelled because of wind?, yes you read that right, apparently that is a very unsafe condition that demands cancellation of classes(am sure in certain areas of the world, strong winds are extremely dangerous, but yeah..no it wasn’t that bad) of course I was happy I didn’t have class but seriously?, I don’t see it as a good enough reason to cancel class, because that just means more work for me (online assignments) when I could have just sat in class pretending to listen to lecture. I hope my instructor doesn’t read my blog haha, she is a lovely woman but sometimes I think she enjoys leaving class early more than the students do.


HM – shirt
pants – Forever 21
Hat – Forever 21
Brogues – Amazon
Do you like my outfit?, I have never owned a wide brim wool hat, so I branched out style wise and I love it, more because I didn’t have to do my hair, even though it almost got blown off by the wind while I was out haha
I was thinking the other day how calculated I am about style branching, I spend a lot of months contemplating before i do something dramatic like owning a hat haha, I wanted this hat since January, and now is when I finally got it. I am definitely not an impulse shopper, I think of how and when I will wear whatever I got (unless I am gifted something). I know I don’t sound fun to go shopping with, but i promise I will try on everything in the store, I just end up leaving empty handed in most cases. You may not know this from looking at my blog posts but thats me in real life haha. I actually never used to be this way, I was a shopaholic when in high school thanks to my mom who lead the example haha, but when I started living solo, I just didn’t see the need to clutter my apartment with clothes, I hate having tons of clothes everywhere (biggest pet peeve)
Are you guys planning for thanksgiving already?, I am thinking of making a meal for a small number of people, I can’t wait for days when I have my own big family that I can cook for on thanksgiving…gah!, am excited already
I might share some recipes am planning on trying this thanksgiving, be on the lookout

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely rest of the week!

A lady’s best friend

Am back home now and it honestly feels good, it’s nice to be back to the norm. Yesterday Ian’s residency program had a dinner party, somewhat formal, so I had to get dressed up a bit. I went through my closet and all my cute dinner dresses are strapless or sleeveless…..but I acquired major sunburns on my arms, chest and back in kauai, so I wanted to hide them as much as possible ha-ha
I live close to a shopping center so I dashed last minute to the stores in search of a cute light weight cover up, but instead fell in love with this dress from Ross
I really love the design of this dress and even though the sleeves aren’t long enough to cover all my sunburns, the beauty of the dress is enough distraction and compensates for the rest ha
I paired the black and nude dress with my nude Marshalls heel sandals, which went perfect! The outfit made me feel grown up, beautiful and confident because I didn’t worry about sunburnt skin showing ha-ha. It was very appropriate for the event and I got compliments yay!
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Memorial day weekend

It’s been kind of wild this week, busy with life and I happen to have some sort of “bug”…been feeling sick all week but am pushing through. Like my rad denim jacket?, I scored it for very cheap at a local store. I was never fond of jackets because most denim jackets I owned were sort of heavy but this one isn’t, making it very appropriate for the “spring” weather here in Washington.
And if you can’t tell already, I am in love with my new braids 🙂
I hope everyone is having a lovely memorial day weekend, any exciting plans?
outfit details:
Denim jacket – Calvin klein bought at a local store
Pants – Ross
Top – Marshalls
Shoes – Seychelles footwear
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Every time I wear this blazer, I get reminded of boarding school and uniforms. I got this as a gift a few years back and I wore it a lot to classes, then kind of forgot about it until now, it has a somewhat formal, preppy feel…If I was a teacher, this would be a staple of mine haha. The dress is thrifted for less than 10 bucks, I needed a classic white dress for spring/summer but now I realize a white dress can go with almost anything.
outfit details:
Blazer – Nordstrom
Dress – thrifted at a local store
Boots – Marshalls
Necklace and belt – charlotte Russe
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By the shore

cropped tacoma

I love sunny days like everyone else, but I wish we had a little more cloud cover honestly. It was only 70 something degrees but walking for more than 20 minutes in the sun makes me want to hide as far away from the heat as possible haha. I grew up in the hot african sun but living in Washington state has converted me into a rain and cloudy dull days lover. In other news, this is perfect weather for hiking up the cool mountains but I can’t get away for the life of me.

outfit details:
shorts – Thrifted and DIY
Top – F21
Shoes – Decree
Necklace and belt – F21

beach shoes
tacoma beach

Hope you guys like this outfit, its a modern 60’s style inspiration, I made the shorts from old Levis I thrifted.

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Short story

pick me
Purse- Forever 21
Shorts – Forever 21
White T-shirt – local store
Shoes – seychelles footwear
Necklace – Forever 21
This is what I wore yesterday, I love these shorts, the cute pattern reminds me of a green blouse my mom owned in the 90s and a yellow scarf my grandma wore all the time haha..definitely a staple in my closet now. The weather was cooler in the morning and I thought…oh no, i def look stupid with shorts in this weather, but then suddenly it became warmer than I even thought it was going to get, so I fit right in.
I hope you guys are having a lovely week so far 🙂
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Top//Ross; Shorts//DIY; Scarf//Fred Meyer; Booties//Marshalls; Bracelets//F21; Shades//Target
So, I woke up really pissed today because last night, it was predicted to rain all day today, but guess what…..it was sunny all day!!!. I had changed my plans the day before based on the weather, even slept in, just to wake up to a beautiful sunny day (half of it wasted in bed haha). You’re probably frowning wondering what the heck is wrong with me, but I really wanted to hike today, I played with the idea of hiking in pouring rain but a lot of scenarios formed in my head (most of them involved me slipping and rolling down the mountain and into some sort of wild animal, deep in the forest haha). To be fair, it wasn’t that warm outside and the wind was on a whole another level…but I still wore my shorts out 🙂
Lets talk about what am wearing..My shorts are DIY, I made them from old Gap jeans 2 years ago. Super easy for those who’ve never made shorts from old unflattering jeans. All I did was measure the length that I wanted for the shorts then cut 2 inches lower so I could fold and iron the “cut end” and voila!, I had shorts. It’s hard for me to find comfortable shorts since I have broad hips and a smaller waist…..most shorts are made for “no hips and a small waist”, or “broad hips and a large waist”…make sense? :). In short, these shorts are among the few in my collection that I actually like an feel comfortable in.
My top is from Ross, and I love the sheer part on the back..so cute!. The booties and scarf complete the outfit well, kind of dramatic at the top and subtle at the bottom.

Have a nice rest of the weekend friends, I hope it’s sunny and warm where you are 🙂

Wrap Around..

Today was a nice day, I dug out this wrap around blouse I bought years back, in Kenya. It matches the “spring theme” and is pretty unique, comfy and cute. I also wore my brogues to warm up my outfit with a shade of brown since my bag and leggings are black. Perfect outfit for brunch with the bf and doing some shopping. We brunched at Dirty Oscars Annex, one of our favorite breakfast places…you have to try it if you live around Tacoma/Seattle and have never been here, you won’t be disappointed.
My bag was a gift from my bf’s mom. It’s a coach bag that has been passed down from her mom and I felt so honored to have it 🙂 . Earrings are from Charlotte Rousse, I love their jewelry selection and I get tons of complements wearing these earrings.
I hope you guys are having an amazing friday so far, remember to let your hair down and have some fun this weekend 🙂


Patels and solids


Hi friends, hope the week has started well for you guys.. I am struggling a bit with organization (procrastination sucks). I need to do some spring cleaning, get rid of old clothes, put away winter clothes, clean my car because it’s starting to smell like fast food….yeah..i told you way too much haha
Talking of fast food, I must confess I fell out of the “work-out wagon” and cannot for the life of me find time to jump back in..truth be told..I have been watching way too much t.v for my own good, even though I just finished a book (Eleanor and Park). It’s somewhat of a teenage romance book, but I still shed a tear somewhere along the paragraphs haha, I won’t spoil it for anyone but I was sniffing quite a bit, any recommendations on any good books, preferably long and not too sappy?
Jeans//H&M Top//Loft(thrifted) Shoes//seychelles footwear(can be found on mod cloth) sweater//ross

I am not a huge fan of jeans, I prefer leggings or dresses
:), but they are my go to, for easy outfits. I love the top am wearing too, so soft and breezy.
Are you guys working out for the summer? or do you guys work out on a regular basis?, I would love some tips to keep me motivated honestly. For now let me finish all the pies and sweets I got on my birthday, then I’ll start jogging off the “food-baby belly”.
Have a lovely week friends.

In pursuit of Cute..

It’s the start of a new year for me and am excited!, I turned the big 25 yesterday, and I can say I am happy and content with how I have turned out haha. When I was little I always went through my mom’s photo albums to see how she looked when she was in her early twenties, what she dressed like, etc…I wish I had pictures (sadly I do not currently), but she was so beautiful and always dressed well in the 70’s/80’s era. When I was going through these pictures I took yesterday, I remembered those days i spent going through her photo albums…I have always loved photography and fashion/personal style, that’s why I enjoy blogging and documenting my little life, it’s not for any popularity, comparison or gaining followers…I want to have a happy place where I can put my two cents, share my personal style, inspire like-minded people and also have a place to look back at in future. If you don’t know, I always had a blog since I graduated from high school but never made the content public..I decided to make this blog public as a way to connect with my family and friends who live far from me…and also an outlet for me to do something besides daily work/life routine
Along the way I have learnt quite a bit..about myself and also about life in general. Important lessons:
1. Life and the universe in general is way complicated than any human being could ever fathom, we have ways to make sense out of our everyday experiences, but we could never understand why things happen the way they do in this life
2. Everyone things they are right about everything..key word to living peacefully with each other is -RESPECT-
3. Family is important but you will never get along with everyone in your family no matter how hard you try..again the key word comes in -RESPECT-
4. Fear is a killer for dreams and happiness
5. I will never be that extroverted girl I always thought I was growing into haha, what can I say..introverts for life (high5)
6. I hate uncomfortable clothes, I don’t care if they’re in…I want to be dressed in clothes i feel free in
7. I love alone time, esp when hiking
8. I love deep conversations about people’s lives/adventures/dreams (unless if you’re whining lol)
9. Going to church every sunday does not make you a christian or even a good person
10. People will disown you in a second when you’re in a sh*t storm, but beg to hang out when your life is a “party”, so choose friends wisely
11. I have very little patience for liars…its pointless to have friends who lie about everything
12. I want to be a nurse for the rest of my life because I am good at it, it keeps me fit (haha, if you’re nurse you get the point), you never get bored and it is a good balance between happiness and frustration 🙂
13. People will never take me seriously since am 5 feet tall and look like a 12 y/o
14. I also want to be “a photographer” and maybe one day a friend will let me photograph their wedding or family pictures
15. I hope in the next 3 years I’ll get a chance to to visit Asia or South America
16. The 1960’s have my name written all over it..seriously, is there a cuter era than the 60’s..I just want to fill my whole closet with vintage pieces from the 60s!

17. My life is mine to live…don’t take everyone’s advice on how to live it..live wisely, make your own mistakes and learn from them (and vice versa, I don’t tell people how they should live their lives)
18. It’s ok to judge people and vice versa..it’s human, but always keep an open mind
19. I need to take good care of my hair and body..it’s the only place I can live in (an unhealthy body is like a trap..and expensive..healthcare costs etc lol)
20. Finally, have someone you can always lean on..even though i like to be super independent, we all have times when everything is just going against us and if we have no support, it can be very dangerous

I know this post is wordy, but hang in there with me. The dress I am wearing is one my favorites from H&M, the shoes are from seychelles the company, but my bf bought them for me as a birthday present at a local Seattle store (they cost less on modcloth) and the necklace is from Charlotte rouse. I felt so cute in this dress and those shoes were made for walking! I pray to God they last a long time because they are now my daily staple footwear.

Lastly, can we take a moment of silence to acknowledge how beautiful spring is..