Sunshine and some summer plans

I currently have my ideal work schedule, I feel as though writing this information and having it out there is only jinxing my happiness bubble, but am too ecstatic to not do it. I feel as though I’ve got a handle of my work-life balance and this is making me really happy and content at the moment.
I also have fallen in love with the green tea cream frappuccino from Starbucks, which I think has successfully found its way into my life (the company). If you know me well, you know how I try to resist any mainstream stuff, but the older I become, the more mainstream I become, it’s not such a bad thing I guess (I am trying to console myself here).
Ok, so today I was woken up at the crack of dawn, or maybe it was 9:30 a.m, to drive Ian to get an eye procedure done. He said it was going to only take 30 minutes, so I decided to find a coffee shop and get some breakfast. I had my laptop with me, so i did some school work as well, and when an hour and thirty minutes passed without getting a call from Ian, I casually strolled into the PX (army base shopping mall) to stretch my legs, and that is when I saw the sun glasses. I am not one for designer sun glasses or anything really, but I walked out with a pair of cute vera bradley sunglasses. They gave me a free sunglasses case (a coach one because I wanted a hard case), so I felt like that was a win (maybe not, but who cares haha).
I walked out of the PX and picked up Ian, then on my way home I spotted some bikes outside a thrift store (I have been seeing these bikes for the last few months and really want one). So I dropped Ian home and got myself a used new-ish bike, which cost less than my sun glasses. I loaded the bike into the back of my prius and drove home.
I am now planning on going to Katy trail to ride my new bike. Ian is on the fence about going with me because he doesn’t like bike riding, but he’ll come around to doing it, he just needs some coercing.
I am looking forward to a beautiful and amazing summer this year, even though I will still be doing school work, and I hope you are all too. Kisses and hugs gorgeous people!