Step into spring : mixed prints

mixed prints for spring
Today I decided to go bold with stripes and patterns, because I was feeling a little spring-y. I had my leather jacket on, but I quickly shed it off when I realized it was 62 degrees outside.
When it comes to mixing patterns, stripes and prints, or polka dots and prints go very well together. The key is always having a theme color and then building on to it, but you can also mix and match colors, just as long as they don’t clash. Also choose stripes that complement your body, could be thin or thick stripes.

Outfit details:
Skirt: Zara
Heels: Marshalls
Top: Old Navy
Jacket: Forever 21

Have a lovely week everyone. Comment below your favorite spring colors to wear, I wanna know 🙂

25 thoughts on “Step into spring : mixed prints

  1. Girl your style is on point. Very fashionable. Most girls have the opportunity to buy clothes but they don’t know what are they doing. While you rock! Keep blogging, you have amazing taste 🙂

  2. I completely agree. 😀

    You chose a beautiful pattern to showcase in this post, truly showing the best parts of mixing patterns and colours. 🙂

  3. Cant get over how gorgeous you are and how stylish you look ! love the leather jacked+ floral + strips combo and those shoes .. girl you make me go shopping

  4. I really like your skirt, it is indeed very springy. Not sure what my favorite spring color is. At the moment mt wardrobe has a lot of black in it, which I want to change. I need some more colorful items to combine the black with.

  5. I’m soo afraid of mixing patterns! I’m a very monochrome girl.. However, this looks fantastic on you and has inspired me to try and mix and match more often!

  6. You look lovely! I would never have thought to mix stripes with a pattern, I always seem to go plain if there is a pattern on my outfit. It looks fab though, I need to experiment more

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