Road trippin’

It has always been a small dream of mine to do a road trip across the U.S, I love driving, so road trips have always been fun for me. I wasn’t prepared in any way for the aching knee that I got for 10+ hours because my car seat is somewhat high and I am only 5’1″, so when I drive, my foot just reaches the accelerator, and not the floor haha. But I stayed positive the whole way and it was a lot of fun despite that right knee. Below are some tips based on some lessons I learned along the way.
tacoma - Ruston way
Tips for long car rides:

1. Have water, and put it a shaded area.
2. If using your phone as a gps, put in in a shaded area or near the fan, to avoid direct sunlight and thus overheating.
3. Drive the speed limit!! and drive safe
4. Rest if you need to and pack snacks for the car
5. If you like music in the car, make a playlist for when the radio disappears and all thats left is static
5. You can also download podcasts (I love fiction, interesting biographies or comedy)
6. Get an app like the road tripper, that shows you attractions, interesting things along the way, and food stops (also has reviews, so you get an idea of what to expect)
7. Have a good attitude haha, things can go wrong at times, so maintaining a positive attitude is important.
8. Plan well, and take into account any time differences.
The purpose of my road trip was not purely for fun, I moved to a different state, 30 hours away.
We started out in Washington state, and our first stop was in Northern Idaho, at a resort with a water park! Things were so much cheaper, and we encountered no crowds, because we were traveling on a weekday, which was an added bonus. That trip was only 6 hours worth of driving. Day 2, we ventured out early and drove through the long stretch of Montana(13 hours). It was a gorgeous view of mountains and rivers, so I didn’t mind as much. We stopped in a small cafe in Missoula and had the most delicious breakfast. We also stopped at a state park in Montana where we got a 2 hour tour of the largest caves and caverns in Montana. This was a lot of fun!.
Caves in Montana

The rest of the drive to Rapid city, South Dakota was uneventful and very, very long. South Dakota plains are not a sight you want to see for hours and hours, so when we got to Rapid city I was more than happy to be out of the car. All we did in Rapid city was eat and eat some more (my life revolves around food), then we headed out to Sioux falls city in South Dakota. Nothing much to see, apart from the gorgeous falls in the downtown area of the city, and also some Japanese gardens. It was a very peaceful place to be, very slow paced and relaxing. The next day we headed out to Omaha, Nebraska and stayed in a gorgeous old, boutique hotel. It was during the 4th of July weekend, so the streets downtown, where the hotel is, were very empty, we even managed to get free parking for 2 cars! (#winning)
Vintage - Omaha
That night we got to see the most magical fireworks in the most “not-magical” place haha. We set out initially to go to a big park downtown where you can see all of Omaha, but instead ended up in a big parking lot next to some stores and apartments, because the traffic was a @#$%^&@#*!!. I was slightly disappointed at first, when the cops directing traffic, directed us to this parking lot, but I was still hopeful because there were people everywhere, sitting in lawn chairs waiting for something. Then darkness came, and the fireworks show begun right in front of us, and they were the best I have seen…..(since I moved to Seattle)
After Nebraska, we only had six hours left until home sweet home! We split the journey into 2 to visit family along the way.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Finally my dream of having a long road trip across America became true, and I didn’t even force anything 😉 , it just fell into my lap.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely summer 🙂