The older I get, the more lessons I learn about this world we live in. I sometimes talk to someone and develop brand new eyes based on what this person sees when they view the world. People don’t know how you see the world until you develop a relationship with them, and vice versa. I have dropped my guard down when it comes to being friends with people, because I have come to learn that being friends with people just because you have things in common, closes out so many doors for you. I didn’t realize how sheltered I grew up, until I moved oceans away and developed relationships with people from very different backgrounds. The more I expand my little circle of friends, the more knowledgable about things I get. I don’t mean being close to every tom, dick & harry, but just having a conversation with someone who you would “never talk to” can surprise you sometimes.
Having moved to the midwest, I have met so many different people, I would never really have imagined meeting. Most of these people are small town people and some are from bigger cities, and it is interesting to see how people view the world. At times I am shocked at what people view as “important”, but I quickly remind myself not to judge others based on how they see the world. I have had conversations with people about where I come from and what we do…and have been judged (sometimes harshly) for placing importance on various things.
It is a hard balance and sometimes very infuriating, but all of these brings me peace, when at the end of the day, I think of how insanely blessed we all are to have met and shared our experiences. I may not like their view of the world and they may not like mine, but we all take away something from it. It softens our hearts when we get introduced to someone else’s view of the world, without us even knowing. That little exposure gets us thinking.

p/s: I know my featured photo doesn’t go with the post, but I liked the message 🙂