Time is going to fast

blue shirt
Hey gorgeous people, I have been MIA on here for a while. I honestly didn’t have anything that needed to be said, so I decided not to post for the sake of posting. School and preceptorship (like an internship for student nurses) consumed all my time and thoughts. I got the chance to precept in a critical care unit and it was beyond amazing for me. I worked with some of the best nurses and got to gain so much experience in critical care in the past month. I feel like i had a new set of eyes open up inside of me haha….FYI, this post is heavily on nurse/career stuff so if not interested in this stuff, feel free to exit soon before the snooze fest begins.
During this past month, I have also been pseudo-planning for the up-coming wedding and applying for jobs in a different state, which i am moving to soon. I have also been studying like crazy for my up-coming boards and I feel like i don’t know anything still (sigh!)
I also have been offered my dream job to work in the ICU (a neuro/trauma ICU) in a level 1 trauma and stroke center. I am beyond excited and thankful for having this opportunity, even though I am super intimidated and anxious about working in the ICU.
I will however be one among several other new nurse graduates, in a residency program that lasts a year, so that alleviates some of my anxiety.
All in all, am looking forward to graduating, passing my boards, moving and starting my new job!!! 🙂

I hope you have all been well, feel free to share any new things in your life with me (that you are comfortable sharing, of course)
I have missed being on here 🙂

Outfit details: Pants-H&M//Shirt-thrifted//Heels-Target//purse-gifted (vintage coach)//Necklace-Rue21

Dress to impress

dress me
sunflower dress
eshakti dress
Hi lovely people, I am officially done with spring break, which was a lot fun!, time for real life to begin now.. going back to lots of studying/work. Since its almost June, I have been on the lookout for a nice dress for graduation, or just a dress I could wear to a nice grown up dinner, so when eShakti (a custom-made clothing company)contacted me for a collaboration, I immediately went on their website and chose this dress!. I had seen other girls talk about eShakti, so it wasn’t all new to me. My favorite thing about them is the fact that you can customize your clothing to your liking, how great is that?. They have sizes 0-36W and also very diverse styling (modern chic, edgy, vintage..everything). Their prices are also very affordable for custom-made, quality clothing.
eShakti grace dress
well dressed
Here’s how it works:
1. Go on eShakti and choose an item
2. customize to your liking
3. Order and receive your item in 5-7 days! if you live in the U.S

What I chose:
I chose this black floral dress because I loved the sunflowers on it and also the cut of the dress. When I received it, it looked exactly like it did online, and the fabric is high quality from the feel. It fit me perfectly, I am very impressed. I wore the dress with minimal accessories to avoid having a “busy” look, since my dress is floral, then paired the look with my favorite Marshalls heels.
forever 21 bag
dresses for spring
dress for dinner
My favorite picks on the site: this , this , and this black and white one
My customization:
I chose to omit the pockets because honestly I didn’t think I would use them, and they would just make my hips look wider haha. That’s all I did, then ordered my size and the style as it was. If they don’t have your size, you could put in your measurements, and you can also customize the style, e.g: long or short sleeves, round or v-neck etc

I hope you loved this post, am glad you stopped by.Enjoy this promo code:”purejackie” for 10% discount on any purchases from 04/05/2016 – 05/05/2016, for more inspiration from eShakti – Facebook // instagram// pinterest

Thank you eShakti for the lovely dress, all opinions are my own.


26 before 27


OMG! you guys, I am turning 26…whaaaat?, where did time go? I feel like I was just 21 the other day. I am excited and scared because I am becoming more of an adult, haha, like….need to look more responsible and well put together?. I feel as though turning 25 felt more like, “this is your last party year” feel..and 26 is more..you need to graduate, get a stable job and start a family..sheeesh!…maybe am being too hard on myself. My plan for 26 is to have even more adventure than I did as a 25 y/o. I have seen bloggers do the 20 something list before next year thing, and I always love seeing people’s “want to-do” list so here goes:

  1. More adventure! – Hike the Enchantments, Mt Baker and the Northern cascades before I leave Washington.
  2. Pass the boards and get the job of my dreams.
  3. Go to vegas!
  4. Sky dive (outside, I have done indoor chambers twice so I think am ready 🙂 )
  5. Talk to friends (long-distance) and family more (which includes in-laws)

OK, I will keep it short, just so I don’t have too much pressure to complete the list. I am excited for what’s to come!, and I appreciate all my lovely friends and family who are always by my side…life would not be livable without you people.


These are my last adventure photos as a 25 year old!!!, it was the best solo-adventure I have had in a while, I literally had the whole place to myself during the hike…..a little worried at first (am used to seeing people on hikes I go on alone) but after a few hours in, I was glad to be there. Isn’t this place gorgeous?, Ian thinks I am too easy to impress, he said if I went to Europe I would die..haha, so I replied: please take me there!, I may have just scored a trip to Europe 🙂

The trail is called the ancient lakes trail in Quincy, WA and the best time to visit is spring or winter, too hot and dusty in the summer or fall, unless you get there pretty early for the sunrise or late for the sunset (but then you have to drive in total darkness)

eastern washington








Cheers to more adventures as the years go by!

Thanks for stopping by as always

A wintry spring

So I decided to go hike the olympic national park area last week post finals, and I ended up on beautiful lake crescent. The area is so breathtakingly beautiful and serene, I just wanted to stay there and never leave..
The lake has a lodge with cabins for rental, which is open in the warmer months, and is a perfect getaway from the busy urban life, so if you’re near Washington state, do it! you’ll love it! Lots of hiking spots too and kayaking on the lake.
I also learnt that this lake is the deepest in Washington, thus its deep sapphire blue color (also due to lack of nitrogen and algae).
On one side of the lake were residential homes, right on the water, can you imagine waking up to this beautiful view everyday..
It wasn’t a difficult hike, so yes I was wearing a dress haha
It was mostly relaxing and refreshing to be able to go on an outdoor adventure.
outfit details:
Dress – Buffalo exchange ballard
Shoes – Nike
Tights – H&M
Jacket – REI

What are your favorite places to visit?, I would love to know! comment below!
Thanks for stopping by guys

Bright colors

When I put together this outfit I was amazed at how well everything went together, because I have had this items in my closet for a long time and never thought to pair them together. I love when I can shop my own closet instead of spending money buying new “trendy” items every season, like seriously?, that is not real life…at least in my opinion, but no offense to more trendy people who go in that direction, I love watching the trends anyway, am just too poor haha, I digress, I just want you to know that looking good doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
Outfit details:
Coat – Rue 21
Peplum top – Marshalls
Distressed denim pants – American Eagle
Booties – Marshalls
Bag – Forever 21
Are you all excited for warmer, brighter weather?, I am so ready! I feel more motivated to do things now since its sunny on most days. I especially love the sunsets, and of course the blossoming flowers everywhere, its so beautiful and everything feels so alive. I love it.
Here are some spring quotes for you:

Spring will come, and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get…warmer. – Anita Krizzan

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter

If we had no winter the spring wouldn’t be so pleasant.


Step into spring : mixed prints

mixed prints for spring
Today I decided to go bold with stripes and patterns, because I was feeling a little spring-y. I had my leather jacket on, but I quickly shed it off when I realized it was 62 degrees outside.
When it comes to mixing patterns, stripes and prints, or polka dots and prints go very well together. The key is always having a theme color and then building on to it, but you can also mix and match colors, just as long as they don’t clash. Also choose stripes that complement your body, could be thin or thick stripes.

Outfit details:
Skirt: Zara
Heels: Marshalls
Top: Old Navy
Jacket: Forever 21

Have a lovely week everyone. Comment below your favorite spring colors to wear, I wanna know 🙂

How to master a good at-home manicure

Going to the nail salons is a luxury I never get to experience as much as I would like because of how fast my nails grow out, and how fast the nail polish chips (mostly on my hands). I use alcohol based sanitizers a lot at work, so going to the nail salon every week is too expensive for me, making me a huge fan of at-home manicures. I have attempted to master the process, so here we go:

What you need:

  • Nail clipper and file
  • Nail polish remover
  • Warm water, a scrub and hand lotion
  • Towel
  • Top and base coat
  • Nail polish
  • Eye-shadow brush


Clip your nails and file to desired length. A pro-tip I learned from someone, the way you file affects how long the nail polish lasts, so make sure the nails are evenly filed and smoothed (involves going on top and underneath lightly with the nail fail to get rid of roughness)

Put your hands in warm water for a minute or two, then scrub, concentrating on the nails, to further clean, exfoliate and smooth them, removing any dead skin.

Rinse, dry with a clean towel, then apply lotion on your hands to moisturize and hydrate. Feels like heaven!

After the hands are dry, start with the base coat. The less thick the better, since it will dry faster and will have less possibility of chipping or sliding right off.

Pick your color!, and apply with smooth strokes from base to top, avoid going too slow or going over it too many times, I do three clean strokes mostly. Wait for first color coat to dry, before second coat (I usually finish all the nails, then go to other hand or foot to give it time to dry).

Top coat goes on last, after all the nails are dry!

If you have smudges or nail polish outside the “lines”, here are some quick tips:

for smudges: use a q-tip, dip it in nail polish remover and lightly smooth out the smudge, then re-apply nail polish color in quick strokes to match the rest, and add a quick top coat stroke too.

for nail polish outside the lines: Use the eye shadow brush, dip it in acetone and lightly brush off the polish outside the lines.
Have fun guys!, I would love to hear what your pro tips are, do you do home manicures?, what can we learn from you?



Double denim

Hi ladies!, I have been under the weather this past week, and totally lacking any motivation to do anything. I have to confess I slept through majority of last week, but today I woke up feeling slightly better, so I pushed myself to dress up, so as to feel a little human haha.
Today’s outfit was inspired by one of my favorite blogger, I loved how the combination looked on her, so I decided to copy the look. It is a 90’s inspired look, just because of the denim jacket. I wanted something casual, because I am running errands all day, but also wanted to feel a little fashionable.


Outfit details:
Levi’s denim jacket & belt // Thrifted
pants // HM
Stripped top // Marshalls
Shoes // Target


Have a lovely week everyone, I am hoping to post more in the coming weeks 🙂

Life lately

DSC_0095pink sweater
DSC_0106pink sweater
I sort of stepped away from the blog in February to reconnect with those around me, focus more on school work and organize my life a little. I am not abandoning this little space, but sometimes life just happens and some time away is much needed.
While I’ve been away, I read A Man Called Ove: A Novel, What Alice Forgot and The Racketeer by John Grisham. My favorite is the Latter, such a clever plot!, but I do recommend the other two as well. A man called Ove by Fredrick Backman is based in sweden and the plot doesn’t disappoint, it is a charming story about an old man and how life events/people mold him into what he becomes, I loved it. What Alice forgot by Liane Moriarty is Australian based, about a woman who loses her memory…still reading this one (I actually got the audible version, so listening to..) but I am enjoying it so far, can’t wait to find out what happens
DSC_0081pink sweater

I am also itching for a getaway, I need to take a trip some place far away. I am thinking of the oregon coast or a ski trip with Ian. With my birthday coming up, maybe I’ll get some time to go some place.

A few weeks back I walked around downtown Tacoma and took some photos of the areas I love. I want to remember these places once I leave. I even thought about doing a “street style photography” sort of thing like this Seattle photographer, but I didn’t see any interesting people unfortunately haha

DSC_0090pink sweater
DSC_0112pink sweater
DSC_0109pink sweater

I hope to take some outfit photos this coming week and post something to keep you guys here haha
Have a lovely day and see you next time 🙂

So many babes!

Oh my, this week and last week have been too good to be true. I did my first ever clinical rotations in a pediatrics hospital and I absolutely loved it! (and so did all in my clinical group). We had an amazing instructor, so that really made things positive, but the environment just made me feel more lively and in-love with nursing. Even though I don’t think I will work in pediatrics, it was so nice to see nurses who truly care and are so positive and kind despite the stressful and busy work environment. The docs and other practitioners/therapists were so nice and knowledgeable, I enjoyed asking questions without feeling like am being pushy. We even got to see the NICU, which of course was very intense in its own way, but again such wonderful nurses there, I honestly wanted to just hang out and see all the babies.

I am honestly so excited to be graduating soon because I feel like I need to find my niche and just be the best nurse, who others enjoy working with, in the shortest amount of time realistically possible. I am very interested in learning new things and teaching others (not as a teacher), because thats how growth happens.

Even though I do currently work as a nurse, I am obviously limited to what I am doing currently and not very many doors are open to me. I suppress a lot of emotions at my current job and just vent to my family or friends, and I cannot see myself working there for more than 6 months (time left before my new license). I have however learnt a lot of skills and definitely time management, so I am grateful that I was offered the opportunity to work there.

This is way overdue, but for valentines day I wore this outfit to dinner. This dress from SheInside is perfect for a dinner date. It was so comfortable, literally wanted to sleep in it (ha). The only downside..if you don’t appreciate your curves being accentuated, you may not like this dress, or you can buy a size bigger as long as height won’t be a problem..but I was fine with it.

Have a lovely day lovely people!

similar dress: