Olive green and blue

Hey lovely people, how was the weekend?, mine flew without any fun activities taking place..all work and no play..but I did get things done and out of the way, so it was worth all the hard work. Today I am rocking my most comfy olive green pants from HM. After getting this pair, I walked around the store trying to find them in different colors, but unfortunately couldn’t find any..thats how much I love them.
I wore this coat and the boots to make the simple outfit more polished. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph what shirt I was wearing, but it was freezing…no wonder I forgot ha!
Coat – HM
Pants – HM
Cross-body – Target
Boots – Marshalls

I have really been enjoying photography this winter, its been a good way to kick the winter blues, because I am always doing something, as opposed to those times during winter where most people stay indoors and get a little down. If you’re one of those winter-blues victim, try occupying your time doing something you love/enjoy doing. I have been reading a lot too (besides from school stuff). In the past years, I would work a lot during winter to keep from staying unoccupied, but I found too much work actually made me feel down because it takes a toll on you if you’re always giving…and not receiving (taking care of yourself both physically and mentally). Oh! and yoga!, I am having a blast in my yoga classes. I remember my first ever yoga class 2 years ago, I felt so intimidated by everyone around me, but now that I know what am doing and actually know more about yoga, every class just feels so fulfilling..and the company and teachers are really great too.

Have a lovely day everyone and thank you for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “Olive green and blue

  1. Cute outfit and awesome photography! I am guilty of feeling the winter blues 🙋I love doing yoga too, and I should definitely book in for some more classes! Thanks for sharing!

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