Statue of liberty in New york city

On the ferry to Staten Island, you can see the statue of liberty

I will finally check off NYC on my bucket list of places to travel to. This week has been one of the most exciting weeks of my adult life. One thing about NYC is all the FOOD! I don’t know about any other cities but I think this place knows a thing or two about food.
Our first food stop was a small Japanese restaurant we found near our hotel after arriving late at night, and we were instantly blown away! We did a food tour in Brooklyn the next day and I was a little disappointed with the choice of places in the food tour, but everything was good, just not amazing. I have to come back to Brooklyn just for the food and music someday.
…continued a month later haha

NYC was fun, that city literally stole my heart. I felt like I was back in Nairobi, but it was 100 times busier and amazing and I loved it! I learnt I was awful at using the metro card (literally just swiping the damn thing!), and Ian glared at me for continuously getting locked behind those bars as the subway left the platform without us several times..oh gosh (insert facepalm), it was kind of embarrassing and amusing at the same time how swiping a metro card can require “skill”

Besides embarrassing​ myself at the subway station, we got to do an all-day walking tour of NYC (I don’t recommend it, it was tedious, if you are good at planning you can do it yourself), saw broadway shows and walked around time square, went back to Brooklyn and did some free wine & liquor​ tasting at a grocery store while waiting for a restaurant to open, ate the best food at said restaurant, and walked on the pier and across the bridge.

We did all the tourist stuff and I am hoping the next time we go back we can avoid all of that and do other things. I had so much fun and can’t wait to go back.