Life of a 20 something..


Every time I meet a 20 something year old, especially at work, we immediately bond on the fact that we are young professionals just starting out the rest of our lives (career-wise) and are eager to learn from each other, always. For example, being a nurse, our patients trust us a lot, and sometimes as a young nurse (who looks 12 years old esp haha) takes a while for someone to completely trust me and not watch me like a hawk while I work, ready to correct me if I make a mistake. Is it frustrating? heck yeah…if this was an older nurse, the patient assumes they have been working long enough to know what they are doing and the trust is just there…by default….but for me, I have to work to earn it. I keep myself updated by reading up on different procedures, medical equipments, refreshing my knowledge on meds and their side effects, pathologies and their prognosis, surgeries and post-op care, etc

Many professionals in their 20’s have a lot of why’s….you hate being criticised by your peers, being called the new “So and so” , being babied/people over-explaining things to you…at times people may even assume certain mistakes at work are from you, and you may even be wrongly accused of doing things you didn’t do.
The important thing to remember, is that there is nothing wrong with your performance (unless there’s an obvious one, then fix it haha), it is the norm for people to react this way to new professionals. I found myself doing the same thing recently and a light bulb just went on in my head! And for those that are going through this, it will pass, this is the beginning of your amazing journey in whatever it is you’re doing.
– Always be respectful towards your co-workers, don’t judge them based on how they do things, people do things in their own unique ways.
– Be humble and be willing to learn, always refresh your knowledge through fact based literature or from experts in the industry
– Know your goals and work persistently towards them
– It is okay to work overtime at times, you are just beginning a journey, don’t expect to have it all “cushy”
– Fake confidence if you don’t have it already
– Finally, enjoy the journey all the way..despite the challenges and many tears that you’ll shed. If the place you’re at doesn’t appreciate you and your handwork, find a place that does, if this is not possible…be patient things will eventually work out