End of summer

Hey lovely people,

Did you all know that NASA has added a zodiac sign to the existing list, and most of our zodiac signs have changed?
I don’t strictly follow what my zodiac sign says about my future or character…etc.. but I feel like I identified strongly with my previous zodiac sign and feel kind of odd switching into a different one. Let me know what you think about this!

This outfit somehow marks the end of shorts season for me, even though am not a huge shorts fan..so am excited for fall, and all the sweaters and pumpkin spice everything.
I wore this to a farmers market a few weekends back, but have been rather occupied and couldn’t find time to post it.
What are you guys excited for, in the upcoming the fall?

summer shorts
end of summer vibes
Shorts: Old Navy
Top: Buffalo exchange
Shoes: Amazon
Purse: Kenyan Market

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21 thoughts on “End of summer

  1. I didn’t know about the new zodiac signs at all. How strange. As for the end of summer, this makes me sad. In UK we didn’t get it until about a month ago. Seems too quick to be over. But I do love autumn fashion! It’s cosy!

  2. I heard about that zodiac change and I also do not feel comfortable. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but I also like the idea of reading my horoscope from time to time. I think the outfit is very comfortable! Perfect for a day out!

  3. OMG I didn’t know that so you got me googling at once girl haha! And they said no, NASA didn’t change anything – apparently lots of people are angry. Who knew? 🙂 Love the top. I’m a summer girl so I’m not looking forward to the weather getting colder but I do love coats and jackets.

  4. I didn’t know about the zodiac sign changes! I think this is a really cool outfit! I haven’t made any changes to my wardrobe yet. I should probably start updating.

  5. I am loving your outfit, so perfect for the summer! How I wish it would be extended just a little so I can soak more in the sun. But I love fall so I am a little torn as well.

  6. I was born a Gemini, I’ll always be a Gemini, haha. Your top is very cute and vibrant, great colors to welcome autumn in. I’m not that excited about the pumpkin spice thingies, I’m not really a fan.

    1. Thanks. Their reason is that the earth is no longer in the same position it was in the last 2000 years. Apparently the zodiac signs change every 2000 years…

  7. Changes in the Zodiac signs comes as a surprise to me. If something was missing all these days how appropriate was each of our zodiacs then? Thanks for the update

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