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Hi lovely people, I am officially done with spring break, which was a lot fun!, time for real life to begin now.. going back to lots of studying/work. Since its almost June, I have been on the lookout for a nice dress for graduation, or just a dress I could wear to a nice grown up dinner, so when eShakti (a custom-made clothing company)contacted me for a collaboration, I immediately went on their website and chose this dress!. I had seen other girls talk about eShakti, so it wasn’t all new to me. My favorite thing about them is the fact that you can customize your clothing to your liking, how great is that?. They have sizes 0-36W and also very diverse styling (modern chic, edgy, vintage..everything). Their prices are also very affordable for custom-made, quality clothing.
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Here’s how it works:
1. Go on eShakti and choose an item
2. customize to your liking
3. Order and receive your item in 5-7 days! if you live in the U.S

What I chose:
I chose this black floral dress because I loved the sunflowers on it and also the cut of the dress. When I received it, it looked exactly like it did online, and the fabric is high quality from the feel. It fit me perfectly, I am very impressed. I wore the dress with minimal accessories to avoid having a “busy” look, since my dress is floral, then paired the look with my favorite Marshalls heels.
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My favorite picks on the site: this , this , and this black and white one
My customization:
I chose to omit the pockets because honestly I didn’t think I would use them, and they would just make my hips look wider haha. That’s all I did, then ordered my size and the style as it was. If they don’t have your size, you could put in your measurements, and you can also customize the style, e.g: long or short sleeves, round or v-neck etc

I hope you loved this post, am glad you stopped by.Enjoy this promo code:”purejackie” for 10% discount on any purchases from 04/05/2016 – 05/05/2016, for more inspiration from eShakti – Facebook // instagram// pinterest

Thank you eShakti for the lovely dress, all opinions are my own.


22 thoughts on “Dress to impress

  1. You choosed great dress! Very stylish. Never knew before about eShakti seems like a great concept site. It’s great for present for someones birthday 🙂

    1. I agree, it is the only custom-made clothing site i’ve stumbled upon so far

  2. It is a very cute dress, very suitable for a romantic date I would say. The length is perfect and the pattern is very springy. I like it.

    1. you would definitely love their clothing, they have a lot of vintage inspired stuff

  3. beautiful, customized dress. my wife likes something customized every now and then. I will definitely ask her to visit the site.

  4. I like that flower (patterns). I had a thought too. I wonder how it looks if the colors were … like white dress with flowers having another color…?

    The third photo rocks!

    1. I like your imagination, I think this dress in another color would be very pretty too but they only run in one color

  5. You chose a great dress! I really like the idea that you can pick out which dress you want and kind of customize it. I will have to look into this some more!

  6. Being able to customize your own clothes is fantastic! First time I hear about eShakti and after seeing your amazing dress, I will definitely check their website. I also love your style. Simple yet amazing!


  7. Lovely dress and congrats in advance on graduation…what location did you take your pictures? It looks beautiful.

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