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My Fall wishlist

I recently put myself on a spending freeze because I found out I spent way too much money this past summer, on food mostly! can you believe this!
Ok, so instead I am just window shopping online and feeling miserable because I can’t buy anything yet.
These are the current items I am wanting in my life. They do not necessarily match the fall theme, because who needs rules to live life haha


1. SPANX® Print Seamless Leggings : They look so comfortable, and I have heard great things about this brand of leggings, in terms of durability and comfort level. A good pair of leggings is my go-to in cold weather.

2. Vince Camuto ‘Melaya’ Over the Knee Boot : I love long over the knee boots but I have a hard time finding a pair that I like. I love how these look but will definitely be waiting for major sales on these ones 🙂

3. Billabong ‘Shoreline’ Slub Cardigan : I love fall sweaters and these one is a classic one. The perfect everyday fall sweater for casual looks, and still keeps you warm.

4. Long Sleeve Lace-Up Jumpsuit : Unfortunately this one got sold out, but fingers crossed, it will come back because….seriously, how beautiful is this jumpsuit.

5. BP. Lace Racerback Bralette : I love bralettes, but I only have one and believe me when I say I literally want to live in it. So comfy, I definitely need more, this is a necessity.

6. Steve Madden ‘Carrson’ Sandal :This is such a cute sandal. I am searching for a comfortable cute shoe for my wedding and this one is on the running to be my “it” shoe. It is also blue, so I can have “something blue” to bring me luck haha

7. Free People ‘Far Away’ Lace Top : I love lace and this top just stole my heart, I wish I could get it in like 4 colors: white, black, forest green and burgundy.

8. BP. ‘Trott’ Bootie : OK, I have enough booties to even want another pair, but I love these ones! I will definitely be hoping to get this pair as a gift so I don’t feel too guilty about spending haha

End of summer

Hey lovely people,

Did you all know that NASA has added a zodiac sign to the existing list, and most of our zodiac signs have changed?
I don’t strictly follow what my zodiac sign says about my future or character…etc.. but I feel like I identified strongly with my previous zodiac sign and feel kind of odd switching into a different one. Let me know what you think about this!

This outfit somehow marks the end of shorts season for me, even though am not a huge shorts am excited for fall, and all the sweaters and pumpkin spice everything.
I wore this to a farmers market a few weekends back, but have been rather occupied and couldn’t find time to post it.
What are you guys excited for, in the upcoming the fall?

summer shorts
end of summer vibes
Shorts: Old Navy
Top: Buffalo exchange
Shoes: Amazon
Purse: Kenyan Market

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Thinking is difficult, that’s why people judge.

Some of my close friends make fun of me for using the phrase “am not judging anyone, but..” I have literally used this phrase to death, and in most cases if my thoughts start this way, I just seal my lips and think more of the situation before putting my opinions out there.
I read an article this morning about how christianity is almost a dying art in the modern world we live in. This article attracted me because I do fall under “christian”, and have battled so hard with certain doctrines in certain churches..which led me to staying away from churches for a while until I found something fitting.
I struggle with how christians discriminate “passive aggressively” against people they don’t approve preach that God is the only judge but turn around and judge people openly.Having being raised in a very small conservative Kenyan church, I disagreed with almost everything I saw in other churches I went to, and as I grew older and more knowledgeable on certain things, I realized how certain things I was taught, as I grew up in this small community church, were more cultural than “christian”
Having read the entire bible and analyzed almost every little verse, in half of grade school and most of high school, I became confused and conflicted by interpretations offered to me as I grew up.
Christians today live a life opposite of what their founder lived. They openly discriminate against gays and are anti abortion (without differentiating between a mother’s life in danger or a person knowingly getting rid of a fetus for the sake of it), when Jesus never mentioned demonizing these people. Jesus himself was more of a radical who challenged the christian establishment, and paid more attention to the sick and the poor, and unfortunately today christianity is a large establishment all over the world, focusing on being rich and famous.
People are focusing more on how the outside looks, thus the anti-poor, anti-gays, anti-arbortion, anti-immigrants, anti-intellectuals and anti-science. That is not what their founder was about.
Instead of people sitting and pointing fingers, wouldn’t it be great if we paid less attention to the problematic systems of beliefs and lived a more generous and loving life, with more thinking and understanding, and also showing compassion to those around us? This would be in support of the founder of christianity and move away from the religious bureaucracy.
We also have to pay attention to the fact that religion is ever changing to accommodate the world we live in, because the world is ever changing. Remember when christianity was racist, burned people believed to be witches, discriminated against the poor?..long gone are those days because the world is ever changing and religion changes with it. People get comfortable when things are going good for them, but it is not about you anymore if you decide you’re a christian, it is about those around us too. We ought to raise children teaching them to be compassionate, loving, generous and accommodating of others, not discriminating against certain groups of people, because that does not match with the same scriptures you will turn around to teach them.
I long for the day people who call themselves christians, move away from seeing themselves as a system of beliefs to expressing their faith through love and compassion. Religious services should not be about showing off how virtuous, anointed and holy, one is, while pointing fingers to those that don’t meet these standards, but about tackling the human needs around us. This would be a better world to live in if this happened, just like Jesus did.

Lastly a direct quote from the article, “people have seen ritual as an obsession for the religious community, and they haven’t seen the courage and commitment to shaping a more just and compassionate world”

article: What religion would Jesus belong to?, by Nicholas Kristof on the NY Times

Night & Day : LRD

I had missed doing outfit posts so much!, so this was a very good day for me haha. There is something about dressing up that gives me a good feeling inside. Isn’t it funny how looking cute can just put you in the best mood? (girly girls you know what I mean…*wink*)
I hope in future, I will be able to put together cute outfits and post them.
My schedule isn’t insanely busy, and now that I don’t have school anymore, I think I ought to live a little 🙂



It’s not sweater weather yet here, but I couldn’t resist the urge to throw on this cute and light, fall cardigan. I think the 2 pair very well together.
Fall colors
I love how versatile this dress is. You can easily dress it down or put on some heels and feel more dressed up. If you remember my valentines post, I wore this dress, but with a lace top underneath because of how freaking cold seattle was haha, but living in the midwest, temps are higher, so you can totally get away with not wearing a coat/sweater with this dress. (at least in summer and early fall)
date night outfit

Dress // SheIn
Shoes // SheIn
Purse // Forever 21
Necklace // Kenyan Market (thanks siz 🙂 )

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– purejackie –

similar dress


The older I get, the more lessons I learn about this world we live in. I sometimes talk to someone and develop brand new eyes based on what this person sees when they view the world. People don’t know how you see the world until you develop a relationship with them, and vice versa. I have dropped my guard down when it comes to being friends with people, because I have come to learn that being friends with people just because you have things in common, closes out so many doors for you. I didn’t realize how sheltered I grew up, until I moved oceans away and developed relationships with people from very different backgrounds. The more I expand my little circle of friends, the more knowledgable about things I get. I don’t mean being close to every tom, dick & harry, but just having a conversation with someone who you would “never talk to” can surprise you sometimes.
Having moved to the midwest, I have met so many different people, I would never really have imagined meeting. Most of these people are small town people and some are from bigger cities, and it is interesting to see how people view the world. At times I am shocked at what people view as “important”, but I quickly remind myself not to judge others based on how they see the world. I have had conversations with people about where I come from and what we do…and have been judged (sometimes harshly) for placing importance on various things.
It is a hard balance and sometimes very infuriating, but all of these brings me peace, when at the end of the day, I think of how insanely blessed we all are to have met and shared our experiences. I may not like their view of the world and they may not like mine, but we all take away something from it. It softens our hearts when we get introduced to someone else’s view of the world, without us even knowing. That little exposure gets us thinking.

p/s: I know my featured photo doesn’t go with the post, but I liked the message 🙂

Living the dream


So the past few weeks have been rather nerve wracking for me… For those who know, I started my Neuro/trauma ICU job, and was kind of freaked out about it inside. I knew from the bottom of my heart that ICU would be the perfect fit for me, because I enjoy continuous learning, knowing my patients in and out..and it also gives me a sense of purpose when I think about what kind of patients I am taking care of, and how my care affects their lives.

Disclaimer: this post is all about nursing and may not appeal to some of you, I just think it will be a cool thing for me to look back on someday.

In school, my favorite courses were cardio stuff, I know the heart in and out, and even took an ACLS course 2 years ago (I didn’t need it for my job at that time LOL!) just to prepare for my cardio ICU job in the future (I know I sound crazy), but Lo! and behold, I ended up getting into neuro-trauma ICU. Neurology has always been interesting to me, but it was one of those things at the back banner, just because I never thought I would go into that direction. So the major internal freaking out thing is because I got this neuro-trauma ICU job….and I felt like I didn’t know enough about neurology!!…like what the heck, I think they made a mistake? lol (of course this is not true, I had an extensive interview)

So here is what I learned this week after my first shift on the unit:

  1. People on the unit don’t expect me to know SH!T (sorry)..and that is such a relief.. they basically treated me like….it’s your first day, ask all the stupid questions you can come up with…..and I did ask away about everything!!! haha..thank God my preceptor is super awesome.
  2. I need to be a sponge on my first few shifts on the unit. Fortunately, I have some nursing experience and I know that absorbing everything and writing things down to go look up later at home is crucial to learning fast on the job. Being so new to neuro-trauma ICU, there are so many abbreviations that people on the unit throw around (it is second nature to them at this point, and they forget how outsiders have no clue what they are talking about.) Even though people don’t expect you to be a neuro pro, it is nice when you understand certain abbreviations and can be helpful (on your first day) by maybe getting supplies, helping doc’s with procedures done at the bedside…etc . In preparation, I read up on common diagnosis, equipments, procedures and abbreviations used on a neuro-trauma ICU, and that helped me tremendously! I was complemented a few times by some nurses for being a big help on that shift. (I love complements at work haha, big confidence booster)
  3. Volunteer for everything if you have time. I was trying to stick to my preceptor because I was worried about knowing the “system’s routine” , but I found out there is really no “routine” really in this ICU (insert scream…how I my supposed to know what to do haha)..everyone works as a team and we all sort of take care of each others patients by helping them in one way or the other. So I ended up doing a ton of things around the unit with other nurses. This is good exposure to different things and its a fast way to learn about things.

Today I also got the chance to meet all the other newly hired RNs (all of them newer nurses), and that gave me hope….sigh! Now am positive they didn’t make a mistake by hiring me and won’t kick me out haha (this was a legit fear…like…seriously why me?, how did you decide I was even qualified for this position? I even old enough yet? Lol)

All in all, I feel much calmer today. I am hopeful for the future, I just can’t wait until 6 months later where I feel less anxiety about being a neuro/trauma ICU nurse. Part of it is also dealing with emotionally vulnerable families that ask questions about every single thing. I was used to dealing with family members in my old job, but not to the point where I have to explain a whole human anatomy and physiology topic, while being questioned about every single word..because these families hang onto every little thing you say. Even on my first day when I was not even responsible for care of the patient, they would pay so much attention to what I said and just had that look of “please give me hope nurse, please” , and its frightening to know that.

I could go on forever, but I will end this post here.

I hope you’re all having a fun weekend, and thanks for checking my blog out ;


Road trippin’

It has always been a small dream of mine to do a road trip across the U.S, I love driving, so road trips have always been fun for me. I wasn’t prepared in any way for the aching knee that I got for 10+ hours because my car seat is somewhat high and I am only 5’1″, so when I drive, my foot just reaches the accelerator, and not the floor haha. But I stayed positive the whole way and it was a lot of fun despite that right knee. Below are some tips based on some lessons I learned along the way.
tacoma - Ruston way
Tips for long car rides:

1. Have water, and put it a shaded area.
2. If using your phone as a gps, put in in a shaded area or near the fan, to avoid direct sunlight and thus overheating.
3. Drive the speed limit!! and drive safe
4. Rest if you need to and pack snacks for the car
5. If you like music in the car, make a playlist for when the radio disappears and all thats left is static
5. You can also download podcasts (I love fiction, interesting biographies or comedy)
6. Get an app like the road tripper, that shows you attractions, interesting things along the way, and food stops (also has reviews, so you get an idea of what to expect)
7. Have a good attitude haha, things can go wrong at times, so maintaining a positive attitude is important.
8. Plan well, and take into account any time differences.
The purpose of my road trip was not purely for fun, I moved to a different state, 30 hours away.
We started out in Washington state, and our first stop was in Northern Idaho, at a resort with a water park! Things were so much cheaper, and we encountered no crowds, because we were traveling on a weekday, which was an added bonus. That trip was only 6 hours worth of driving. Day 2, we ventured out early and drove through the long stretch of Montana(13 hours). It was a gorgeous view of mountains and rivers, so I didn’t mind as much. We stopped in a small cafe in Missoula and had the most delicious breakfast. We also stopped at a state park in Montana where we got a 2 hour tour of the largest caves and caverns in Montana. This was a lot of fun!.
Caves in Montana

The rest of the drive to Rapid city, South Dakota was uneventful and very, very long. South Dakota plains are not a sight you want to see for hours and hours, so when we got to Rapid city I was more than happy to be out of the car. All we did in Rapid city was eat and eat some more (my life revolves around food), then we headed out to Sioux falls city in South Dakota. Nothing much to see, apart from the gorgeous falls in the downtown area of the city, and also some Japanese gardens. It was a very peaceful place to be, very slow paced and relaxing. The next day we headed out to Omaha, Nebraska and stayed in a gorgeous old, boutique hotel. It was during the 4th of July weekend, so the streets downtown, where the hotel is, were very empty, we even managed to get free parking for 2 cars! (#winning)
Vintage - Omaha
That night we got to see the most magical fireworks in the most “not-magical” place haha. We set out initially to go to a big park downtown where you can see all of Omaha, but instead ended up in a big parking lot next to some stores and apartments, because the traffic was a @#$%^&@#*!!. I was slightly disappointed at first, when the cops directing traffic, directed us to this parking lot, but I was still hopeful because there were people everywhere, sitting in lawn chairs waiting for something. Then darkness came, and the fireworks show begun right in front of us, and they were the best I have seen…..(since I moved to Seattle)
After Nebraska, we only had six hours left until home sweet home! We split the journey into 2 to visit family along the way.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Finally my dream of having a long road trip across America became true, and I didn’t even force anything 😉 , it just fell into my lap.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely summer 🙂

Time is going to fast

blue shirt
Hey gorgeous people, I have been MIA on here for a while. I honestly didn’t have anything that needed to be said, so I decided not to post for the sake of posting. School and preceptorship (like an internship for student nurses) consumed all my time and thoughts. I got the chance to precept in a critical care unit and it was beyond amazing for me. I worked with some of the best nurses and got to gain so much experience in critical care in the past month. I feel like i had a new set of eyes open up inside of me haha….FYI, this post is heavily on nurse/career stuff so if not interested in this stuff, feel free to exit soon before the snooze fest begins.
During this past month, I have also been pseudo-planning for the up-coming wedding and applying for jobs in a different state, which i am moving to soon. I have also been studying like crazy for my up-coming boards and I feel like i don’t know anything still (sigh!)
I also have been offered my dream job to work in the ICU (a neuro/trauma ICU) in a level 1 trauma and stroke center. I am beyond excited and thankful for having this opportunity, even though I am super intimidated and anxious about working in the ICU.
I will however be one among several other new nurse graduates, in a residency program that lasts a year, so that alleviates some of my anxiety.
All in all, am looking forward to graduating, passing my boards, moving and starting my new job!!! 🙂

I hope you have all been well, feel free to share any new things in your life with me (that you are comfortable sharing, of course)
I have missed being on here 🙂

Outfit details: Pants-H&M//Shirt-thrifted//Heels-Target//purse-gifted (vintage coach)//Necklace-Rue21

A wintry spring

So I decided to go hike the olympic national park area last week post finals, and I ended up on beautiful lake crescent. The area is so breathtakingly beautiful and serene, I just wanted to stay there and never leave..
The lake has a lodge with cabins for rental, which is open in the warmer months, and is a perfect getaway from the busy urban life, so if you’re near Washington state, do it! you’ll love it! Lots of hiking spots too and kayaking on the lake.
I also learnt that this lake is the deepest in Washington, thus its deep sapphire blue color (also due to lack of nitrogen and algae).
On one side of the lake were residential homes, right on the water, can you imagine waking up to this beautiful view everyday..
It wasn’t a difficult hike, so yes I was wearing a dress haha
It was mostly relaxing and refreshing to be able to go on an outdoor adventure.
outfit details:
Dress – Buffalo exchange ballard
Shoes – Nike
Tights – H&M
Jacket – REI

What are your favorite places to visit?, I would love to know! comment below!
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Step into spring : mixed prints

mixed prints for spring
Today I decided to go bold with stripes and patterns, because I was feeling a little spring-y. I had my leather jacket on, but I quickly shed it off when I realized it was 62 degrees outside.
When it comes to mixing patterns, stripes and prints, or polka dots and prints go very well together. The key is always having a theme color and then building on to it, but you can also mix and match colors, just as long as they don’t clash. Also choose stripes that complement your body, could be thin or thick stripes.

Outfit details:
Skirt: Zara
Heels: Marshalls
Top: Old Navy
Jacket: Forever 21

Have a lovely week everyone. Comment below your favorite spring colors to wear, I wanna know 🙂