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Hair style tutorial

Happy Friday everyone!, TGIF!, am I right? haha… I hope you’re enjoying yourself and not nursing sore calves like me here. It’s been a tough week for my body. First, we’ve got a “code red” situation (TMI?..nah..), then my half-marathon training schedule is kind of nuts, I apparently had no rest day this week and my legs are numb from running I tell you. Anyhow I digress…
So this week I wore my “high puff” on the daily just because its the easiest hairstyle for my hair length/texture without having to straighten my hair. I filmed a tutorial on how I do my high puff as requested, hope it is helpful, I tried talking through but I was all over the place so I decided to film it this way today lol

Have a lovely weekend friends and thanks for stopping by

All about Hair

Today I washed my hair and decided not to straighten it. I was craving that tiny afro look, so I did a “wash and go”
Ok, so lets start here….once upon a time (4 years ago), I was obsessed with natural black girls at my school and got sucked into youtube and a few months later I was chopping my permed locks (my roommate actually did it for me) and i had a tiny afro which I was so proud of! haha
However, 8 months into doing my natural hair, I got tired of it….and just wanted to have straight hair again….and so I did, which i really regretted afterwards because it shed so much.
Last year in august I got a weave installed and on take down day, the dang thing was so sewed into my hair that I accidentally cut my hair….so I decided to go to the hair salon and get a hair cut (end of September), I though I would grow out a pixie but it was so cold so I started braiding my hair and I just fell in love with braids.
This helped my hair grow out and now I can hold a ponytail after straightening…yay!, I am happy with my natural hair and hopefully I won’t be tempted to perm it again.
Below is my wash and go (I am very minimal with products, coz whats the point of being natural if you put in a million products haha)….if interested click on the video…it was a challenging one to film

Have a nice week guys 🙂