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Style – 90s kid

Yesterday I got off work and couldn’t wait to change into something comfortable, but I couldn’t wear pajamas since I had to run errands first, so I slipped on my softest dress top and my Old Navy tights, then decided to wear my denim jacket and when I looked in the mirror, I felt like a 90s kid with my afro puff and oversized denim jacket haha. I adore old fashion trends; effortless and unique. While I like to look well put together in modern fashion looks, there’s something about older fashion trends that makes me a little happier.

happy 2016
Happy new year
70s fashion

Anyone excited to end this year?
I certainly am, it started a little rough but it is ending on a high note. I had some very good things happen to me in 2015 and I am very grateful. 2016, I can’t wait any longer, just get here already! , I have my first month planned out already..
In 2015:
– I read some great books, here are my favorites; The Goldfinch, the Secret history, The Fold, Paper towns and Orphan Train
– I hiked a lot; Olympics, Mt. Baker area, Mt. Rainier and Snoqualmie area
– I ran 100 miles in August
– I blogged consistently 🙂 Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
– I learnt a lot career-wise
– I got engaged! 🙂

Hoping for even better things in 2016, thank you lovely people for sticking with me

pintrest fashion

Stay warm, and I would love to hear about your old year and plans for the next, feel free to chat 😉


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Merry Christmas!

merry christmas
You’ve probably heard this a million times and in so many ways, but…..from me to you….Merry christmas and happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate christmas. It’s officially that day we’ve all been preparing for. I unfortunately haven’t spent christmas with my family for a couple of years, but I spend most christmas days with friends, or extended family who live many states away. My first christmas away from my family was actually ok, I had an awesome group of friends from college and we cooked a ton of food, exchanged gifts and just had a good time with the girls. My second christmas without my family was the toughest, I chose to work extra shifts at work to distract myself because I was so homesick, it also snowed a ton in Washington and I had no power in my apartment for 3 days!!! – worst christmas ever (ha)
The other christmas days after that(2), I would either spend it with my roommate and some friends (invite people over) or with my fiancé and co-workers, nothing too crazy haha. This year, a friend invited us to a christmas party, but I will be working late that day, and am planning on getting some yummy food for my co-workers who worked all day christmas 🙂
Merry- christmas
On the other hand, my family gets together every year with everybody else in the family (I have a huge family), and just have a good ol’ time while sending me photos and videos of everything I am missing ;( Next year though, I will be going home for christmas, so thats something to look forward to.
Christmas outfit -
tacoma spanish steps
What are you guys doing for christmas? Anything fun? I wanna know..
For all of you that don’t get to do much/see family for christmas, it is not the end of the world, the true meaning of christmas is in your heart so don’t feel left out by everyone else having a good time.
Again, Merry christmas! Happy holidays!

merry christmas - outfit

Outfit details:
Dress – Nordstrom
Jacket – Forever 21
Shoes – Norstrom rack
scarf – Local store
Tights – HM


In case you are wondering, no I am not in Brooklyn New York (ha), wouldn’t that be lovely? My title is from  the movie Brooklyn which I saw a few weeks back with some wonderful company. Ian was dragged along of course, and he rolled his eyes every time we mentioned the movie, because it is a love/romance story that he thought was too girly for him, but later agreed it worth the time. I cried nearly the whole movie, so you know its an amazing love story haha. So I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it, maybe a good movie to see with family or friends over the holidays.

Ok, in this post I will be mentioning a couple of my favorite things this season that I recommend you try if looking for things to do with others/for others.

  1. See a play; a charlie brown christmas play(good for kids too)// what a beautiful life// The nutcracker (I love the nutcracker!!)
  2. Make a meal for everyone; Cranberry and pomegranate bruschetta (I felt tears in my eyes after biting into have to try this)// cranberry margaritas – you can make it non-alcoholic if you like// bacon wrapped brussels sprouts – perfect appetizer, literally took me 10 mins to prep and 30 mins in the it// potatoes – this are very good, everyone will like them// Eggnog French toast – even if you don’t like eggnog, this you will like.
  3. Go outdoors and do an activity – there are so many outdoor activities around the holidays, from shopping, snow sports (skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, or just walking) to just taking a stroll outside with after a big meal.

winter nights

I hope you are all having a wonderful christmas eve, enjoy time off of work if you have it, and as always thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

holiday warm outfits

pink coat

Outfit details:
Coat – Forever 21
Pants – American eagle
Shoes – Nordstrom rack
Scarf and t/shirt – Local store

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The brave

In today’s world, nobody bats an eye when a male talks about adventuring/traveling alone, because we have set this as a norm, “males can do whatever they want” type of thing. However, in my mind and this is supported by real statistics, males are as much in danger adventuring/traveling alone as are women. When I moved to Washington state, the most attractive thing to me was the endless beauty in the wilderness. God truly did love this side of the world….I quickly became addicted to being outdoors, and I enjoyed hiking immensely. It is my way of distressing and recharging after stressful work weeks or school days. A few times I do hike with other people, but I love going solo because of the freedom to hike more difficult trails and just take it all in without being bothered. I never for one second felt threatened by anything/anyone on the trails, I meet a lot of fellow young lady hikers on the trails, hiking solo too and this encourages me even more.
Tips on hiking/camping/traveling/adventuring solo:

1. Know your environment well. This means doing a lot of research on the conditions of the place you are visiting, and also reading reviews about people’s experiences there. I feel very safe on Washington trails because the areas are overall very safe and far from urban places, meaning less chances for crimes. You are more likely to be in danger in a city full of people than in a Washington state trail in my opinion. I do not hike urban parks because homeless people go there for shelter, I prefer out and back trails that require driving far away from the city to get to.

2. Plan accordingly. Safety first. Have a first aid kit customized for yourself (if you have allergies, bring allergy medicine. Have pain medicine, antiseptic, bandages, small rope/tourniquet for emergency purposes, pepper spray or bear spray if in bear country, pocket knife – could be used for so many things including protecting yourself and a whistle too). Have extra food, extra clothing and most important dress for the weather.

3. Last tip, let someone know where you are. I always send a quick text to someone about where I am going to be and the time I expect to be back. If they don’t hear back from me at that time, then they would act accordingly.

I hope this makes you feel more at ease about going solo in whichever place you choose to. Just do your research well and be prepared. I met someone who loves camping solo and she always has a gun with her for safety, if you love adventure, don’t let anything stop you. Just be smart about things.

If you hate being alone and don’t care for solo adventuring, then find someone like minded and in somewhat same physical fitness(I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, if your partner can’t do what you can, then you don’t get to do what you want. Some people are also endless complainers and won’t stop whining – I have seen this a lot while hiking and it is so annoying) Any how, I hope this was somewhat of an encouragement to those seeking adventure, have fun and thanks for stopping by.

Holiday spirit

gardens pdx
It is officially December and this year I am full-on holiday mode, lights and other christmas decorations are out and ready to be hanged, the fireplace (even though its electric haha) is on and my iTunes is playing all day christmas music, too soon? , I don’t think so..
I remember back home, my mom would buy tons and tons of decorations and we would all stay up late hanging them up, it was one holiday tradition I looked forward to always. My parents didn’t hold back on the christmas shopping either, so that was fun too. Now than am living solo, shopping not so much haha, I have found that all the junk I buy during the holidays just ends up being piled up somewhere in my apartment, and I hate clutter! I love shopping for gifts, for other people though. Other little traditions I do: cooking/baking/experimenting holiday favorites, decorating and visiting people I haven’t seen almost all year long
Burgundy leather jacket
cropped jacket

Last year, we visited and spent christmas at a little bavarian village in Leavenworth, WA which was fun but so crowded!, I don’t think this year we’ll go back but it was fun to at the time. I want to go snow shoeing this year, esp because we have so much snow up the mountains, I think this will be fun.


gardens portland

This is a little throw back from when we were in Portland, OR, at the international rose test garden. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see any blooming roses, but now I feel stupid coz….duh…winter…no blooms..ha (blonde moment) It was fun to visit though and walk around. It is huge, and very well designed, there are some sweet spots to just sit and take in the beauty.

blanket scarf
I hope you guys are having a great December so far, and thanks as always for stopping by

Jacket -HM
Pants -FOREVER 21
Scarf – local store
Shoes – Marshalls

What a beautiful life

Hey lovely people!

I hope your holidays are going as wonderful as can be! Can you believe its almost christmas because I am still trying to wrap my head around it..seriously the year seems like its just started yesterday. I am excited though, I put up some lights and will be putting up more decorations soon, and my house smells like the holidays. Its so nice to come from work or school and enter into a “holiday-home-like” little apartment..oh you have no idea how satisfying this can be.
It has been so foggy lately down here, like zero visibility foggy and driving is kind of scary especially in the early a.m. But I am holding up well, super excited to be doing my finals soon and be done with this quarter, graduation….I can smell you from here haha

in the middle
natural hair-

I am one of those people whose always itching for an adventure, on my days off I love to go visit new places, mostly through hiking or visiting a new town. Adventure is good, right? it keeps us interested in every day and looking forward to the next. I however realized how ordinary life can be beautiful, by changing my attitude and finding the beauty in the routine, everyday life.
I found some quotes and lovely poems that I shared below. Do you guys read poems?, I used to hate them, I thought they sounded stupid, but people change (insert thoughtful face)
natural hair

“Life is amazing, then its awful, and then its amazing again.
And in between the amazing and the awful,
its mundane, ordinary and routine.
Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful,
and relax and exhale through the ordinary. Thats just living
heart breaking,soul healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life.
And its breathtakingly beautiful”

“Good morning, I hope you find today extraordinary. Are you in love with the whole damn world? You should be, its glorious, and I can’t see a better way to experience life than being madly in love with everything” – Victoria Erickson

“How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives”


“So many roll their eyes at weekdays filled with the dread of the mundane. They’ve long forgotten that there are things other than passports that’ll sweep us away.But we’re breathing. The earth is turning beneath the ground, mere months away from bursting into bloom. The light constantly shifts, brightens, darkens, and moves. There are seasons within seasons within seasons. Seek out new reasons to be thrilled with the familiar, or find a new cafe or passion or road to drive down, or wander to a different place or doorway or sweeping, serene view. Allow the world to work its way into your heartstrings and still existing adrenaline, as everything is fascinating when you go deep enough. Reach for the natural wonder that still breathes inside the pulse of this, the world, and you.”
– Victoria Erickson

Outfit details:
Old navy – vest (old)
Pants – GAP
Shoes – amazon
Top – Marshalls
Scarf – Local store (Leavenworth, wa)

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Heart’s warm and thankful

Forever 21 hat


It is amazing how my blog has come along this year and how it has made me see things differently. I have enjoyed being productive in this little space, even though sometimes I forget why I am doing it, I become overwhelmed, I compare my blog to more established bloggers and feel silly doing it, but looking back, I am happy I have stuck to it. It is fun reading other people’s perspectives on things, I enjoy fashion inspiration, food and decor ideas and most of all the motivation. There are so many talented minds, and all of it is free of charge! could it be any better?

And for that I am thankful for the freedom to share my two cents and for the freedom to read and engage with others.

HM sweater

Winter fashion

This year, I chose to be a better friend and in return I have enjoyed meaningful relationships with people I happily call family. These people have stuck with me through thick and thin, they have held judgment when all others pointed fingers, and most of all, they have helped me grow into a better person. For that I am more than thankful.

Lastly, I am thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me this year, and also to doors that have closed. I have learnt from the bad and the good, and I am still learning.

I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, it doesn’t matter if you celebrate it with turkey or not, may your heart be warm with love and your bellies be full 🙂

HM leather jacket

Trending winter fashion

Jacket, rings & Hat- F21//Sweater (similar) & pants – H&M//Blanket scarf – local store

Thanks for stopping by, xoxo



Your guide to Portland, OR

This city is my second favorite after Seattle, but if I lived in Oregon, it would be my absolute favorite. There are so many things to do here, plan ahead though so you don’t waste your precious vacation/getaway time researching what to do. I have been here a couple times but I still find new things to do each time.


Food tour:
Forktown Food tours
My fiancé loves food tours, he introduced me to them and I have loved them since then. If you are not picky about what you eat, (if vegan or have allergies, they do reserve special food for you if you let them know when you purchase the tour) save your appetite and get ready to have fun!, not only do you get to eat from a bunch of different places, you also get a locals perspective on the city and what to do. Usually the best food places tend to be “hole in the wall” places we are not aware of as visitors, but in a food tour, you get to know whats what. Some tours incorporate historic walks, where you learn about the history of the city/certain streets. I promise you’ll love food tours if you take the leap and do it.

Places to stay:
Ace hotel – Everyone we talked to from portland had good things to say about this place
River place – next to the river, the staff are amazing, rooms are very spacious and comfortable and the price is reasonable. They also have a good restaurant that you can eat at too.
Hotel monaco – I stayed here on my first visit to Portland and I did love it. Amazing staff, good food at their restaurant and very comfortable.

There are more hotels but I recommended those I have actually experienced, all 3 are in the city too and you can walk everywhere.

Japanese garden – Closed this winter for construction but it is worth a visit during spring or summer

International rose test garden – Beautiful during spring or summer, with blossoming roses everywhere, but its more like a park in winter


Places to eat: Endless possibilities and all so good
Here are a few we’ve been to
1. Bijou cafe – it is near VooDoo doughnuts (a popular donut shop in portland that you may want to visit – just to say you were there, honestly I think its overrated)
Ok, Bijou cafe was really good, unique brunch menu and very good service despite how busy it was

2. Stumptown coffee

3. Food trucks – Very unique food trucks, we ate from Kargi gogo, a Georgian food truck and it was awesome

4.Pearl district for fancy restaurants, they are on every corner


5. Cacao for some amazing chocolate, they also have European drinking chocolate which was the BOMB!


Multomah falls: 1 mile hike to the top. Wear hiking shoes/boots and comfortable clothes if you would like to hike all the way to the top, You can still enjoy the view from the bottom, nothing much to see from the top, but it is fun to hike 😉


Rocky butte – hike

Colombia river gorge – Kayaking all year round, wineries around the area, also just hiking around the river


I hope this post was helpful, I feel like I didn’t even touch on the amazingness that Portland is, but hey at least you have an idea of what to get into.
Have fun in your travels and thanks for stopping by!

Catching up

Hi there lovely ladies and gentlemen
My days have been rather monotonous consisting of large piles of school work and long days at work, leaving me wishing it was summer again, where I had so much time in my hands. Can you believe class got cancelled because of wind?, yes you read that right, apparently that is a very unsafe condition that demands cancellation of classes(am sure in certain areas of the world, strong winds are extremely dangerous, but it wasn’t that bad) of course I was happy I didn’t have class but seriously?, I don’t see it as a good enough reason to cancel class, because that just means more work for me (online assignments) when I could have just sat in class pretending to listen to lecture. I hope my instructor doesn’t read my blog haha, she is a lovely woman but sometimes I think she enjoys leaving class early more than the students do.


HM – shirt
pants – Forever 21
Hat – Forever 21
Brogues – Amazon
Do you like my outfit?, I have never owned a wide brim wool hat, so I branched out style wise and I love it, more because I didn’t have to do my hair, even though it almost got blown off by the wind while I was out haha
I was thinking the other day how calculated I am about style branching, I spend a lot of months contemplating before i do something dramatic like owning a hat haha, I wanted this hat since January, and now is when I finally got it. I am definitely not an impulse shopper, I think of how and when I will wear whatever I got (unless I am gifted something). I know I don’t sound fun to go shopping with, but i promise I will try on everything in the store, I just end up leaving empty handed in most cases. You may not know this from looking at my blog posts but thats me in real life haha. I actually never used to be this way, I was a shopaholic when in high school thanks to my mom who lead the example haha, but when I started living solo, I just didn’t see the need to clutter my apartment with clothes, I hate having tons of clothes everywhere (biggest pet peeve)
Are you guys planning for thanksgiving already?, I am thinking of making a meal for a small number of people, I can’t wait for days when I have my own big family that I can cook for on thanksgiving…gah!, am excited already
I might share some recipes am planning on trying this thanksgiving, be on the lookout

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely rest of the week!

Hello November..

floral blazer
It’s unbelievable that November is here already, it is almost the end of the year! Can you believe it? I honestly feel like fall just slept through my fingers, I wanted to do more adventures during the fall but I found myself in the library more than I thought I would be. Am not complaining though, I found a really neat library to study at, and its almost becoming my second home….whats better than reading a good book(in this case my school books) on a rainy, dull day? haha, am not a nerd

Below, am going to share my current favorite bloggers, some I just found recently and some have been my favorites for a long time
I enjoy all of this blogs and get a lot of inspiration from them, so of course I am doing some free advertising because the authors do a great job and would love for my audience to discover them too. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

For bloggers reading this, I would love to check out some new blogs, so feel free to comment below your own blog if you like

1. In my Sunday best by Sade – She is a vintage lover and her blog is amazing, from the writing to the photography and also her sense of style. Sade is a UK blogger, but her style is something anyone anywhere can relate to. I recently just found her blog and I am addicted!

2. Delightfully Tacky by Liz – Such a great and from the heart blog. I never miss a post because I enjoy everything about her writing, photography, fashion sense and her personality too, which she expresses through her posts. You won’t be disappointed!

3. Trendencies by Claudia – This girl is so gorgeous (girl crush alert haha), she styles everything so flawlesslesly, I am always tempted to buy all the clothes she wears. She puts up great content, I absolutely enjoy all her posts and am always looking forward for more. She is from spain and has a youtube channel too (if you speak spanish)

4. From roses by Rebecca – I enjoy her content, she writes a lot of motivational/self-improvement type posts and brand reviews of different products she uses. I love her photography and writing. You should check her out

5. Fruity girl clementine by Clementine (am not sure this is her actual name) – French blogger, and another girl crush of mine, she is super creative with her personal style and photography, I enjoy her blog and hope you do too

6. A clothes horse by Rebecca – She recently moved to Ireland but I discovered her blog way back when she lived in the U.S, her style and writing is still something I enjoy, I love her vintage style (even though I wouldn’t pull of most of her clothing), I still enjoy her creativity and seeing Ireland through her eyes. She is quite the adventurer too, so you will not be bored

7. Blisful brit by Britney – I love her blog to pieces, she writes mostly about her adventures in the northwest which is my number one hobby…duh…I love to read about places she visits, she is also vegan and has a ton of recipes that I have tried a few times and loved. If you love the outdoors, you’ll like her

8. Twenty7 by Michelle – I may have mentioned Michelle’s blog before, I love this girl, she has an amazing sense of fashion, and puts out great content. I am always looking forward to her posts. Check her out

Thanks for stopping by 🙂