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Bright colors

When I put together this outfit I was amazed at how well everything went together, because I have had this items in my closet for a long time and never thought to pair them together. I love when I can shop my own closet instead of spending money buying new “trendy” items every season, like seriously?, that is not real life…at least in my opinion, but no offense to more trendy people who go in that direction, I love watching the trends anyway, am just too poor haha, I digress, I just want you to know that looking good doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
Outfit details:
Coat – Rue 21
Peplum top – Marshalls
Distressed denim pants – American Eagle
Booties – Marshalls
Bag – Forever 21
Are you all excited for warmer, brighter weather?, I am so ready! I feel more motivated to do things now since its sunny on most days. I especially love the sunsets, and of course the blossoming flowers everywhere, its so beautiful and everything feels so alive. I love it.
Here are some spring quotes for you:

Spring will come, and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get…warmer. – Anita Krizzan

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter

If we had no winter the spring wouldn’t be so pleasant.


Double denim

Hi ladies!, I have been under the weather this past week, and totally lacking any motivation to do anything. I have to confess I slept through majority of last week, but today I woke up feeling slightly better, so I pushed myself to dress up, so as to feel a little human haha.
Today’s outfit was inspired by one of my favorite blogger, I loved how the combination looked on her, so I decided to copy the look. It is a 90’s inspired look, just because of the denim jacket. I wanted something casual, because I am running errands all day, but also wanted to feel a little fashionable.


Outfit details:
Levi’s denim jacket & belt // Thrifted
pants // HM
Stripped top // Marshalls
Shoes // Target


Have a lovely week everyone, I am hoping to post more in the coming weeks 🙂

Vintage feeling

vintage style
vintage feeling
The only thrifted item in this outfit is the dress, and I adore this dress. Every time I wear it, even though it really isn’t vintage, I feel cute and well put together in an old fashioned way. I think it was only $4 bucks and its originally from target. Outfits like this make me feel original because they have a personal touch, and are not trendy. Even though I do get sucked into trends and end up buying things because they’re in, (this isn’t bad, but doesn’t show creativity on my part) deep down inside, I love a good thrift item that makes me stand out.

outfit details:
Sweater and tights – Target
Dress – thrifted
Shoes – amazon
Scarf – local store

DSC_0078pink sweater
DSC_0071pink sweater
vintage feeling
vintage feeling
vintage feeling

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weekday casual

weekday casuals
weekday casual - white scarf - kenyan blogger
Outfit details:
Sweater and leggings – Ross (similar)
Scarf – Local store (similar)
Shoes – Target (similar)

This is a mid-week casual outfit that I wore to school. I am studying for exams currently but I still set some time aside to update the old blog. I think its interesting how the blog feels like part of my life now compared to last year, when I would forget I had a blog at times (ha). This month marked my 4 years on this blog..whaaat? but I did not consistently blog for the last 3 years, so I don’t think that really counts. Dec 2014 is when I decided to blog regularly and am glad I did! I have learnt so many things and I feel like as a person I have changed too even though I can really pin point in what area exactly.
Anyways, you guys have a lovely night!

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People help the people

Birdy is on the list of my most loved artists of all time. Her voice is amazing, her songs/songs she covers are reflective and have meaningful lyrics. She is a little on the melancholic side, but I adore every single song she has done and appreciate the vulnerability and reality of her style of singing.
Today I discovered “people help the people” , a song originally wrote by cherry ghost and now covered by Birdy. My favorite video version is the paris extra
I also love her outfits and make-up in that video, so effortlessly beautiful in a real and natural “parisian-girl” way.
When I listened to the song, it made me think of what the meaning/motivation was for the writer. I pulled up the lyrics and even loved this song more, to me, it speaks of being kind to others by raising people up and avoiding selfish attempts at getting ahead of others, which as humans is very difficult since we all have struggles and deep secrets that make us naturally want to protect ourselves. It also talks about how wealth makes us turn away from those hurting, instead of helping out and being there for others. Lastly it made me think of how humanity would be different if we all were looking out for each other, instead of hurting one another.
Here are some other perspectives from other people:
“show kindness to your fellow man. I like the simplicity of the lyrics. My favorite lines are:

“Oh and if I had a brain
I’d be cold as a stone and rich as the fool
That turned all those good hearts away.”

Really sums up the whole idea of the song: That people just worry about getting ahead & they don’t see the value or point in being a good person. I don’t care how successful you are, although I know that is the focus in our cutthroat society. You may be a successful CEO/estate agent/salesman, but at the end of the day, if you’re not a good human being, you aren’t a successful PERSON in the true sense of the word.” source

“it appeals to the lonely, lost soul in us all… we pretend we’re so much better than the people surrounding us when deep down inside we’re just a collective of the same emotions, lives and silent thoughts… just residing in separate bodies. even though the thought sounds terribly depressing – i think the song also speaks about how every person you meet is shadowing a haunting secret, life experience etc. behind their smile and everyday routines. although some of us have had far fortunate lives than others, even the most well-off have had trying times. we’re all waiting to be saved. if only it was as simple as holding a hand and showing sympathy towards your fellow being… the world would be a much happier place. for a split second, we could pretend we weren’t so excluded and alienated from the very beings that live the same lives, breath the same air and cry the same tears.” source

Outfit – Inspired by the up-coming valentines day. It is also a perfect dinner outfit for those who could care less about valentines/the bae-less. Even though I think the coat makes me look like Peggy Olson from Mad men (ha)
Dress – SheIn// coat – Only 12 bucks!! from Rue 21 // Shoes – Marshalls // Necklace – Rue 21 // Clutch – very old, from Kenya

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Confident girls are the prettiest

DSC_0054pink sweater
This week I may be posting daily..yay! It’s the last week of January so I am extra motivated (ha). Today’s post is about confidence, every girl struggles with this once in while, even the most seemingly confident people, and it is a relief to know it is not just you or me lol. It doesn’t have to be looks, could anything from feeling less accomplished compared to others, or feeling like you don’t belong in a certain place/clique
Some people are very good at hiding self-consiousceness by making jokes or faking it. One of my friends told me she lives by the phrase “fake it till you make it”. It was such a relief to hear this person say this because to me she appeared to be the most confident human, honestly. I remember meeting her, I was a little intimidated because of how well she got a long with strangers, how smooth everything seemed for her, and to top it all, she has accomplished so much in her life at such a young age and has both the looks and brains. Point being, seeing someone so favored by all angles of life saying that she has insecurities, just made me feel so much better about my own. I get heartbroken when I see girls especially those younger than I am beat themselves over how they look or what they don’t have, I know some confidence comes with maturity over time, but I honestly just want to shake them out of it.
DSC_0056pink sweater
DSC_0061pink sweater
I am pretty comfortable and confident with who I am, but I do get insecure at times just like everyone else, especially as a blogger, sometimes I compare myself with other blogger babes and feel insecure, but I have learnt to turn this into positive by complementing others rather than feeling like..oh I wanna look like that or have that…it feels amazing to make someone smile instead of silently turning green with envy inside.
I don’t blog or post photos of myself because I am super-confident, materialistic, extremely self-absorbed or vain, I do it because it boosts my morale and self confidence. I dress up because I feel confident when I feel and look good…its basic science haha. Of course not everyone enjoys dressing up and that is ok, we are all different.
Other things that make me confident on a day to day basis are; a touch of lipstick and listening to uplifting music. I could never leave the house without some color on my lips because I have naturally dark lips and feel as though my whole face gets brighter (even without make-up) when I wear some color on my lips.
Last but not least, taking care of my body definitely makes me most confident. When I feel less enthusiastic and sluggish, working out definitely gets my spirits up. I usually go out for a run, preferably outside at a park or even a walk downtown (depends on my mood, sometimes noise and busyness of a city is just what I need)
Oh and definitely last, meeting up or chatting with a good friend, mom, sister etc, someone who lifts you up and makes you feel taller (not literally). Avoid friends who constantly tease you about how you look, what your wear….it may seem harmless in the beginning, but every joke has some truth in it and you’ll find yourself hanging on to words you don’t really need to be thinking about.

Ok friends, lets end this! I hope you feel a little more confident today. Thanks for stopping by!
outfit: Marshalls sweater and boots//Forever 21 hat and dress//Target watch
DSC_0060pink sweater
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Denim shirt and ripped jeans

denim and black pants
I hope your weekend was great, I got in some much needed sleep in time and now am ready for another week. Exams are approaching, so I’ll be studying hard too. This outfit is from a couple days ago, just couldn’t find the time to post it. Super casual, classic denim shirt outfit. I did a lot of walking on that day, so my shoes got a little wet from all the drizzling from earlier that day.
Outfit details:
Shirt – Old navy
Pants – Forever 21
Shoes and watch – Target

first denim and black pants
denim and black ripped pants
denim and black pants - gold watch
- denim and black pants
-denim and black pants
Have a lovely monday you guys!

Winter and cozy knits

cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots: teal necklace
cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots: bun
Everybody loves a comfy sweater, especially during winter. I especially love white, grey or pastel pink and blue colored sweaters in winter, because they lighten up your outfit, and I don’t have to wear a bulky jacket in most cases. Today’s weather was decent, I went to the movies with this outfit and wasn’t cold at all.
Outfit details:
Sweater – HM
Pants and necklace – Rue 21
Brogues – Amazon
Purse and watch – Target

Caring for your sweaters:
I don’t own super expensive sweaters, but I owned one high end wool sweater that I only wore once! (you can imagine my frustration) – even though it was a gift, I still feel bad that I didn’t get to enjoy wearing it. Reason – I didn’t follow wash instructions, or rather ignored them..(insert frustrated face)

1. Hand wash wool sweaters in cold water and dry them in the drier using the gentle cycle, because wool shrinks and you may end up with a tiny sweater that doesn’t fit if you wash in a regular cycle. Don’t hang-dry or wring it either. If unable to do the above, take it to a dry cleaner.

2. Fold your sweaters when storing them, don’t use hangers because they will get stretched out.

3. Sweaters come in very many different textures (acrylic, synthetic, cotton..), check wash instructions and follow them
cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots: brogues
cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots
cozy pastel sweaters: kenyan blogger: watch - gold: tights : polka dots: high bun

Happy Friday everyone!
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Olive green and blue

Hey lovely people, how was the weekend?, mine flew without any fun activities taking place..all work and no play..but I did get things done and out of the way, so it was worth all the hard work. Today I am rocking my most comfy olive green pants from HM. After getting this pair, I walked around the store trying to find them in different colors, but unfortunately couldn’t find any..thats how much I love them.
I wore this coat and the boots to make the simple outfit more polished. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph what shirt I was wearing, but it was freezing…no wonder I forgot ha!
Coat – HM
Pants – HM
Cross-body – Target
Boots – Marshalls

I have really been enjoying photography this winter, its been a good way to kick the winter blues, because I am always doing something, as opposed to those times during winter where most people stay indoors and get a little down. If you’re one of those winter-blues victim, try occupying your time doing something you love/enjoy doing. I have been reading a lot too (besides from school stuff). In the past years, I would work a lot during winter to keep from staying unoccupied, but I found too much work actually made me feel down because it takes a toll on you if you’re always giving…and not receiving (taking care of yourself both physically and mentally). Oh! and yoga!, I am having a blast in my yoga classes. I remember my first ever yoga class 2 years ago, I felt so intimidated by everyone around me, but now that I know what am doing and actually know more about yoga, every class just feels so fulfilling..and the company and teachers are really great too.

Have a lovely day everyone and thank you for stopping by!

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Maxi skirts in winter

I decided to pull out my maxi skirt and wear it out despite the cold, wet weather. I wasn’t going to be outdoors much, so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem, and it wasn’t, not at all. The only challenging part was actually snapping these photos since the beach was the closest place without crowds, so I decided to take my photos there, and it felt weird stepping on sand with boots..but hey, I just wanted to document this outfit haha.
Skirt – Charlotte russe
Top – thrifted (similar)
Boots – Marshalls
Clutch – Francesca’s
Denim jacket – thrifted (similar)
I love this red and blue striped shirt that I thrifted, it goes well with almost anything, and today it was perfect for this skirt. I also wore tights underneath because it was cold..but not freezing or raining.
I am really enjoying shopping my own closet and putting together different pieces each day. I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far, until next time…have a good evening 🙂

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