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Zara – Prints

Zara haul
A few weeks ago I went to Zara – Seattle and was really impressed with their collection. First I didn’t know we had a Zara in the area, so I was pretty excited when I saw one in the city and second, I love the unique prints they have at their store. They remind me of African fabric (which cost an arm and a leg here), and of course I love prints! I have also been watching astronaut wives lately and this outfit kind of goes with that 60’s theme I really like.
Zara model
zara seattle
Zara skirt
This outfit is perfect for a dinner date, formal dinner party, church or a fall wedding, and the material is stretchy so its super comfortable and fits well in every size. You can also wear the top with different bottoms, and vice versa, since its 2 pieces.
Skirt and Top: ZARA// Heels: STEVE MADDEN// Watch: TARGET
Zara details
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zara shop
Have a lovely week friends, only good vibes sent your way 🙂

All about Hair

Today I washed my hair and decided not to straighten it. I was craving that tiny afro look, so I did a “wash and go”
Ok, so lets start here….once upon a time (4 years ago), I was obsessed with natural black girls at my school and got sucked into youtube and a few months later I was chopping my permed locks (my roommate actually did it for me) and i had a tiny afro which I was so proud of! haha
However, 8 months into doing my natural hair, I got tired of it….and just wanted to have straight hair again….and so I did, which i really regretted afterwards because it shed so much.
Last year in august I got a weave installed and on take down day, the dang thing was so sewed into my hair that I accidentally cut my hair….so I decided to go to the hair salon and get a hair cut (end of September), I though I would grow out a pixie but it was so cold so I started braiding my hair and I just fell in love with braids.
This helped my hair grow out and now I can hold a ponytail after straightening…yay!, I am happy with my natural hair and hopefully I won’t be tempted to perm it again.
Below is my wash and go (I am very minimal with products, coz whats the point of being natural if you put in a million products haha)….if interested click on the video…it was a challenging one to film

Have a nice week guys 🙂

Summer Favorites

clear face 2

Hey friends,
I have some favorites to share with you all, these products have seriously changed my life!!
Most of my friends know am always breaking out here and there (its never been major, just one or 2 zits the size of mt everest once in a while), but am happy to announce I have been “zit-free” for a whole 2 months!..yeah been feelin’ myself lately ha..I kid. Anyhow, my secret has been artistry essentials cleanser, lotion and toner that my friend Maggie introduced me to. I was skeptical at first because I have been through so many products in my life but I decided to try since I knew her and would find her if it didn’t work haha
So, I bought the 20 dollar trial kit (travel size pack) and I absolutely loved it. After I was through with that, I purchased the big size because I knew this was a keeper.
artistry essentials
artistry essentials hydrating pack

Feel free to check out Maggie’s website, there are so many options to choose from depending on you face type.
Other things i have been loving:
This primer is amazing guys, it is super light and kind of evens your face so when you wear foundation on top of it just looks flawless. I am not super into make up but I like to have a clean, clear face (but I love lipsticks :)) and the L’Oreal powder foundation is my all time favorite – So light and covers your face perfectly
I have been painting my nails a lot lately since vacation time, and I love being able to slide it right off when I need a change, and these pads are the bomb dot com!, they’ve been around for a while but i had never tried them…just because….but am totally in love now

Disclaimer: I haven’t been sponsored/asked by any of these companies/products to promote, It’s just what has been working for me lately and i felt like sharing. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
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