Baby its cold….

Today is a very exciting day for me because I am officially done with finals!..boom..drops mic and walks away…haha, seriously though, I wanted fall quarter to be over so bad. I am always excited the first few weeks of school, then after that things start to get a little boring for me. It was a fun school quarter though, I have great classmates, and that makes things seem like they are going much faster than they actually are.

Even though the sun has been setting at 4p.m lately, I managed to squeeze in a little photo session of my outfit today. I have been thinking of how much people spend around christmas time buying new outfits, whatever’s in etc, and am trying hard not to fall into that trap, because most holiday outfits are things you never wear again. I am not saying that my wallet hasn’t suffered this holiday, but I am trying hard not to buy things I will never wear again. I like to be practical about things.
In today’s outfit, I am wearing a coat I bought 2 years ago at old navy. I honestly love old navy’s winter selections, they have good quality coats (they go a long way) and leggings too. My boots are at least 2 years old too, from Marshall’s. I get a lot of compliments on these boots even though they seem like any other boots. The dress is fairly new, I bought it in the summer from Target, and denim shirt is also from old navy (old)


winter coats
winter outfits
cold winter

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays so far, I am excited to wrap gifts and start sending them out, and also decorating my little apartment some more.
I also plan on blogging more while am on my break and going on some adventures (I can finally do some snow-shoeing!!, am excited). It has been snowing non-stop on the mountains and this is my last winter in washington, so I plan on doing all the things I have always wanted to do here. Be safe and warm everyone, and keep out an eye for more posts, possibly every other day.

I love you guys and thanks for all your support this year.

winter outfit