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So many babes!

Oh my, this week and last week have been too good to be true. I did my first ever clinical rotations in a pediatrics hospital and I absolutely loved it! (and so did all in my clinical group). We had an amazing instructor, so that really made things positive, but the environment just made me feel more lively and in-love with nursing. Even though I don’t think I will work in pediatrics, it was so nice to see nurses who truly care and are so positive and kind despite the stressful and busy work environment. The docs and other practitioners/therapists were so nice and knowledgeable, I enjoyed asking questions without feeling like am being pushy. We even got to see the NICU, which of course was very intense in its own way, but again such wonderful nurses there, I honestly wanted to just hang out and see all the babies.

I am honestly so excited to be graduating soon because I feel like I need to find my niche and just be the best nurse, who others enjoy working with, in the shortest amount of time realistically possible. I am very interested in learning new things and teaching others (not as a teacher), because thats how growth happens.

Even though I do currently work as a nurse, I am obviously limited to what I am doing currently and not very many doors are open to me. I suppress a lot of emotions at my current job and just vent to my family or friends, and I cannot see myself working there for more than 6 months (time left before my new license). I have however learnt a lot of skills and definitely time management, so I am grateful that I was offered the opportunity to work there.

This is way overdue, but for valentines day I wore this outfit to dinner. This dress from SheInside is perfect for a dinner date. It was so comfortable, literally wanted to sleep in it (ha). The only downside..if you don’t appreciate your curves being accentuated, you may not like this dress, or you can buy a size bigger as long as height won’t be a problem..but I was fine with it.

Have a lovely day lovely people!

similar dress:

Vintage feel // Love you dearly

Outfit details:
Dress – SheIn
Boots – Marshalls (similar)
Purse – Forever 21
Necklace – Forever 21
sheIn red dress
Lately I have been feeling as though I am bitting off more than I can chew, I have been extremely busy with school, work, and life in general, to the point that I am not keeping track of what day it is (I know dates, but not days…insert exasperated emoji). Even though I have a planner, I still can’t keep track of things!!
O.K enough of me ranting, hopefully things will slow down now.
Today I wore this dress I bought from SheIn, one of my first purchases and I am impressed. Even though I love a good deal, I get skeptical about cheap clothes online, but SheIn seems to be getting very good reviews on most items. This dress was only $16!, say what now??… 😉 , it fits true to size and it is good quality, you can tell from the feel of the fabric.
It is a 60’s inspired look, with long sleeves and a belt that you can take off. I wore it with some chelsea boots and my F21 cross body for a modern look. No make-up face, I wanted to keep it simple or was just lazy to start painting my face (ha!)
Shop similar affordable clothes below:

Thanks to Ian for being so kind to take my photos for me..and as valentines is approaching, I love and appreciate you all for bothering to check my blog once in a while!, and I love all your feedback!
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Take hold: The clutch


The clutch bag is one of the “going-out” bags in this century, because it is small enough to complement dressed up looks and also not too bulky, just enough for carrying essentials in. It was super popular in the 20’s, but died down nearing the 60’s because…..well…consumerism happened. Now, every lady most likely owns a large tote/bag which she uses to carry a million things she thinks she might need. I am guilty as well, but in my defense, as a student, those big bags come in handy.



Outfit details:
Dress and Clutch – Francesca’s
Boots and leggings – Marshalls
Coat – Rue 21 (only 12 bucks on sale!)
Necklace – Forever 21


Incase you’re wondering why my hair looks like a was raining that day and “poof” went the hair, I had to later on tame it down with bobby pins.


happy friday guys!